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Friday, July 04, 2008

Selling and Making Money Strategies, the Basics

Way back a few years ago, I was a frequent lecturer to a Direct Selling Association.

I have always emphasize the power of "Contacts". Sometimes,we are so engrossed with all the new innovative ways of customer acquisition or getting potential customers.

When I started selling in my youth, I sold to friends, classmates, neighbors, family and teachers. Not only did I know that I can influence most of them to buy, I also knew that they will pay me outright so that I can have the money to buy products again and create the cycle. It was the same people who gave me important word of mouth referrals to the network of people they know.

One member ask me about why not have a product cataloque sheet and or brochure later on when I was already doing retail. My intial reaction was that only until I have the adequate volume of products that I bring to my customers will I think about it. For me cataloques and brochures are promotional materials given to named or pool of distributors. It is intended to be left to the customer so that they can always refer to it when we follow up. It is not some kind of advertising presentation kit that is presented and then we take it back with us to show other people.

Selling with the concept of brand recognition could sometimes be a very selective process. My belief is that we must learn to affiliate with a company or companies that we believe have the products and service with great growing market demands. Because, the more popular a brand is, the consumer is more influenced in buying from them. As a strategy, we need to think about not moonlighting for a competing brand. We have to find the network that best suits our interests and our passions.

In shipping and order fullfillment, we need to be aware of quality control snd customer service. At the same time, even before we ship a product, we need to be very clear on payment and risk tolerance terms. Hence, it is also why we need to remit payments as scheduled to maintain good standing and to establish credibility and reliability. In todays' economic challenges, credit is very hard to find and maintain. So be prepared to incur penalties even towards a commission.

As to links, affiliates and exchanges, we have to set our targets. Create the picture you want and envision to be in a given period. If somewhere along the line, you gauge that targets are not being achieve then it might be wise to cut your affiliation as it will be merely wasting money. Give the benefit of time and doubt but if still it does not seem rewarding to the target goals then perhaps we have to refocus somewhere else.

Last but not least, we have to think about other perks and recognitions to our distributors, partners and customers. It could free consumption, shipping, discount perks, performance incentives and bonuses. More than ever if can be in verbal and written form of "THANK YOU".

Profit from sales of products can be very rewarding yet at the same augment our personal and business budget.

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