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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Realities of small businesss owners and self employed individuals

Emails climbing to thousands, phone calls and messages non-ending, chores getting longer, finances to account needing more attention, clamoring cash flow sources for paying bills, etc.., These are just some of the enormous routine work schedule that a solo self-employed individual or entrepreneur goes through upon a sudden illness, emergency need, or after days or weeks of not being able to work.

As the old saying states, this would not have been an issue if there was a delegation of task, other people in the team and or an action plan in case. Yet inspite of the realities and educational aspects sometimes humans under estminate true situational factors. A lot of times, the over lying circusmtance is always equalled to a certain generalized solution. Often times, the gaps between a start-up, just opened up, or purely run solely due to cost cutting measures are not always pyschologically considered in the equation.

Take for example the current global economic recession which has literally imperilled a lot of the entrepreneur's survival resources. The chain and effect syndromes that underline and intertwine with the actual business challenges and problems are another.

Yes, it is agreeable to be guilty of not being able to accomplished the much needed goals and chores. However, responsibility is another thing. Nobody would risk a business or income opportunity. In order not to anyhow a person's health and well being comes first and foremost. Without the person's ability to protect it's own self and it's immediate circle, work will never be possible at all. Hence, it the reason why humans can always start anew regardless of any circumstances.

Alex Esguerra

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