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Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Trauma and Assault on Unprecedented Family Immigration for Immigrants on America's White 45th President "America First" - NEVER AGAIN"!

 It started out in 2016'speech saying " Trump commenced his 2016 campaign claiming Mexico was sending rapists and murderers to the U.S., promising to build a “great wall” across our southern border — one that Mexico would pay for. In fact, only five miles of new border wall has been constructed, with the rest replacing existing border barriers. And, of course, Mexico did not pay for it".

President Trump's administration has waged an all-out assault on the very few options available to foreign nationals to legally immigrate the United States.  Trump in early 2017 banned immigration from 13 countries on dubious national security grounds, and has subsequently banned the issuance of temporary work visas, banned the issuance of employment- and most family-based immigrant visas, urged the abolishment of birthright citizenship, gutted our legal asylum system, slashed our refugee program to virtually zero, abolished DACA, cancelled TPS, implemented punitive policies separating children from their parents, reduced the number of foreign students in the US, increased processing times and denied applications for legal status that are approvable under existing law and previous interpretations.--Courtesy of the AZ Mirror

In April 2018, the Administration announced their “zero-tolerance” policy, which resulted in the separation of thousands of children from their families. Two months later, a court mandated the immediate reunification of the 2,737 children the Administration had identified as separated. However, an OIG report released in January 2019 said that “thousands” more children than previously recognized had been taken away from their parents.

Then in 2019, in limited H1B visas and announced later that he now going to cut visa lotteries and family based immigration visas. So that meant that in the future if you have a loved one overseas that you want to petition to come legally to America your bet on it. For generations and years this was how our ancestors came in through being petition by family. The sad reality was this was that this immigration system is so broken a family based petition from the time it is approved to the time you can get an actual consular interview takes years or decades of waiting For an immigrant to be  legal permanent resident green holder to finally arrive at the United States with this Immigration broken system takes ages. Sadly, it is a known fact that sometimes when the USCIS finally sends the notice of interview to the applicant or petitioner the person might already be deceased as it is already too late. 

There are so many realities attached to  this discussion on non-documented immigrants, the reasons of, the policies but it boils down that this President is not pro immigration but nationalism. Nationalism is a system created by people who believe their nation is superior to all others. Most often, this sense of superiority has its roots in a shared ethnicity.

Nationalists demand to be independent of other countries. They don't join global organizations or collaborate with other countries on joint efforts. If the people are part of another nation, then they will want freedom and their own state. This also explains a lot about Foreign Policy from the Paris Climate, NAFTA, etc.., I have to touch a little on this a bit to explain my little knowledge on my own background with Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Relations. 

Nationalists believe their shared interests supersede all other individual or group interests. They oppose globalism and empires. They also rally against any philosophy, such as religion, that supersedes national loyalties. They are not necessarily militaristic but quickly become so if threatened.

So the case on immigration is that unfortunately Immigration falls on "Patriotism".  As such, having a second term with this President is almost like a complete halt to US Immigration. 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Bureau of Economic Analysis Data - What's in for the New Administration

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On December 22, 1016 comes a new data release from the BEA (Bureau of Economic Analysis) from the last revision last Nov. 22, 2016.

On our particular industry on books retail line 31 S4 Book, periodical, and music stores - the 4th quarter of 2015 had 4,065 from 2015's 3rd quarter of 3,937 vs. 2014's 4th/3rd quarter of 3,865 and 3,876. This year 2016 - 3rd quarter was 3,964 and 2nd quarter was 4,044.

Then looking at line 35 S4 on Used Merchandise Stores, the 4th quarter had 4,037 and 4,154 on the 3rd quarter of 2015. 2014's 4th quarter was 3,820 and the 3rd quarter was 3,907. 2016's 3rd quarter is 3,976 and 2nd quarter is 3,940.

On line 37 S2 Electronic Shopping and mail order houses (Nonstore retailers) 2015's 4th quarter was 112,187, 3rd quarter for 2015 was 109,582 versus 2014's 4th and 3rd quarter of 100,752 and 97,741. 2016's 3rd quarter is 124,191 and 2nd quarter is 121,019.

Hovering at this data, the true facts over the years are that the 2nd quarter is the back to school time and the 4th quarter is the holidays. Hence, the 3rd quarter is usually a drop in between for bookselling. Used merchandise had a growth in the 3rd quarter of 2016 as this category is general meaning it embodies all used merchandise where clothing plays a big factor as well.

Although line 38 S2  Electronic Shopping is also general in category, it is said that since 2012 to 2016, books online shopping has been a growing trend in this category. Although, a typical traditional book buyer still goes to a book retail store front, it is a fact that online book sales has consistently grown over the years.

So from traditional big book online marketplaces also comes the typical brand big box retailers like or even technology websites like now augmenting a lot of accessory sales on what they carry with new release books.

Textbooks still plays a big chunk online for students but new release books has been growing more and more than used books. This is especially true with fiction, juvenile fictions, and bestsellers like Harry Potter's "Fantastic Beasts".

As the online space continous to grow in the bookselling industry, still the typical challenges are there for independent bookstores and online book sellers. From the dominance of mighty Amazon, minimum wage, health care for employees to "Still" lack of working capital and expansion for warehousing and home offices.

Thus, this is what faces the upcoming Trump administration's slogan of making America Great Again. Now that a billionaire businessman takes over the US Presidency, lies the question of how this administration will role out it's economic policies fitted for small business in industries that had grown over the years.

Come 2017, the data speaks as well as the problems faced by independent booksellers. 

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