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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Travel and Drive Time during Training

Drive Travel Time During an Employee new hire training  in California

A few years when we open a small pilot office in California and we had to hire an employee training was essential on the way we were doing business.

Some of the considerations we had to think off was will it be compulsory for that person, where will be held and how far commute will  that person have to do to get to the raining venue.

Looking at Federal jurisdictions for one travel time is not necessarily compensated and training hours may or may not be classified work.hours.

However after doing our research the State of California is more pro employee and supercedes Federal laws.

This meant that since the person is mandated to go to training and travel to the location both travel and training time are work time and must comply with overtime pay as well as most of the time it involves more than an 8.hour day.

A lot of other business owners or even HR generalist even from established companies tend to confuse these as they may have developed travel time policies generally tailored to Federal statutes.

Any small business owner operating in California should  be looking at both Federal and Stare laws to avoid any confusion which could be hefty penalties.

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