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Saturday, March 21, 2009

When are you going to acknowledge the need when one is gone as in the past.

When people die so does their ideals and their passions. Then we have this memorial services talking about the pasts and or whatever contributions a dead person may have at some point done or accomplish.

Through the years of giving the best legacies of my closest relatives always memorable, no matter how grandeur or small I have tried, people seem to wonder why I still wept? This was because being close to these very people who have influence my life so greatly I knew they have their own way of ADD. It's hard to being some kind of historian and keeper of family secrets as you also know what the frustrations were about.

Just like the closest women in my life came the three important things for them such as Faith, Love and Family. Then came the common denominators of community, society and entrepreneurship. I was always wondering why they made genealogy and the church as part of everyday or usual converations. But on the other side of the circle, they knew what people were talking about. Some people talk about thriftiness, strictness, discipline, and or being them being too shrewed to get rich.

So as a child, it makes you really wonder what's the real truth and the quest to find the answers. Then slowly I understood how it all connects so that in the end the spirit of giving back can be returned. The one great thing I have learned in my own quest is that one should be able to really express the true goals so that later on people will have some kind of historical reference to refer to back in time.

This is the spirit behind why I was so deeply fascinated in writing an e-book through "Memories of an APEC Youth Representative". So that together with this and other facts of evidence, people can some day refer to and what, who, and how was the real other side of me and the women behind the circle. I was the only one who can be the communicator of the histories that they wanted to express.

Because the expressions were so private that more than ever people did not really get the real message. Thank God I was the creative one, imaginative, and able to write in some way as otherwise these expressions will just stay beneath me like what had stayed beneath them.

I guess the only setback I have personally is that of all the adversities I have endured with these intentions I hope I can simply enjoy the fruits while am still here. As when I'm gone it will not make sense because there is nobody like me to past it on to. Yes, the chain breaks here because the real inner stories of the once mighthy religious De Leon family ends with me.

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