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Friday, February 06, 2009

Blogging, The New Trend in the Virtual Community

Originally blogs came from web logs, which are online journals for writing and journalism. They are supposed to be noteworthy insights into your book, your work as an author and best part is that they always have new content.

It is estimated that there are about 50,000 blogs added everyday but of course that was before the mass lay-offs where people are not at home mostly online. Boring blogs normally don't get noticed like reading a newspaper article using the magic click of the finger.

In today's social media and networking, blogs has definitely built a lot of relationships. Going down the blogosphere, people are less limiting ways to be in contact with their readers. I still believe in the educational value of blogs which is why I always encourage comments, feedbacks, RSS, and subscriptions.

One of the best supporters in blogging is
the no. 1 search engine of all time. Google spiders the heck out of your site and even establishes ranking. A lot of people don't know that Google's Book Partner Program is very philanthropic as they are supporting emerging authors by giving them traffic and exposure. But if you also want to make some money from your blogs, why not try reviweing books using an affiliate link ID or another way is through the Google Adsense program.

A lot of my friends from the past had jokingly told me about being a celebrity web blogger but they also know that I have been writing since Grade One in Elementary School. Back then, I started writing in my school organ called "The Light" in english about current events. In high school to college I wrote as a features editor for School again called "Rosarian" until eventually became a part time contributing poltical writer in some newspaper dailies.

I write because it is the best form of my own self expression of ideas over and above public speaking for motivational topics like "Social Enterprises" as a gesture of helping express the voice of the community and people.

What I have discovered in blogging is being "factual". Your topic must be specific so your reader can understand what it is all about in the first 5 seconds before they press that mouse.

But ultimately, the goal is to compile this online journals in an e-book format about my life and the legacy that I want to leave behind.

After all, this all started in the vision of mentoring young entrepreneurs in becoming great leaders of tomorrow. Thus created,
Affordable Books
, the frugal dude and How Do you Integrate Success Book in fighting for the rights of limited income earners, the disabled, seniors and the unemployed.

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