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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The New Role of Technology towards Change

When we were developing the marketing concept for Affordable Books, the dream was mere integration of technology in every aspect of the business model. Either it be sales, shipping, customer service, contact, marketing and even product development. For some, they thought it was really strange as what happens to telemarketing and other adminstrative functions. People even question why we had this huge idea of financial management online.

So in order to clarify, what we wanted was one goal in mind. Meeting the customers needs and expectations. It's like urgency and prioritization when people go online to find out about something, do a research or simply solicit more information.

Having an online business model is extremely hard in case some people think it is easy. Why, because you have to streamline and connect all the dots together in every part of your operations. Not to mention that we are simply a struggling home based micro enterpise and or for some biggies a nobody in the e-commerce industry. Yet, our leverage is listening to the market and actively connecting with the human emotion and need.

Cost savings, value and growth opportunites are big for us which is why our mission is simply centered on affordability. Realistically, we know the plight of limited earners as we live the same life.

Yet empowering the customer and informatively giving factual content and experiences are very important to our existence. Privacy, security and personalized treatment are big for us. We believe that no matter who, what, where and how the way we interact ultimately will be the same treatment as any other customer or individual.

As we grow together with our readers, we have the ideology of responsibility towards change and thereby still integrating technology in every aspect of our business model.

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