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Friday, February 06, 2009

The Future of E-books - a new frontier in space

Affordability and simplicity were the basic ingredients I had in mind even before I started ADLE International. Simple is cool especially when it is short and sweet.

A lot of my compadre's in the bookselling world knows that I am a special fan of Kindle and the Sony Reader. Not only do I believe in the technology, I believe that books should not be more than 100 pages long. Unfortunately, especially today these high tech book devices are still on my santa's wish list. Someday I will be able to afford and buy them because right now it is about basic food, shelter and survival.

In the future, not only will people merely read books using devices or online, it will gradually shift towards downloading techie stuff. With the power of "I need it now" or today, the sense of urgency deficts the need of e-books. Some say it's the economy, it's the recession yet some say it's the internet as books now are on massive sale up to 70% nowadays. The shift has now started thanks to our first high tech blackberry carrying US President Obama.

As you see, some blogs have now been use to pitch selling a product or service. But gone are the times of telemarketing or auto sales gimmicks. You can entice, you can pitch or even scare people but the online consumer nowadays has become sophisticated, intelligent and very geeky.

A few months ago while finalizing our business plan, we wanted to tell my mentors that publishing books were not just centered on printing but on electronic technology. Hopefully, some of my great teachers (which I adore greatly) now understands that I am a bit of a fortune teller. Not than i know who will win the elections but a simple truth of being a reinforcer about the gradual shift to technology. If you are reading this blog right now, you are just part of the millions who are now blogging enthusiast as blogging has become greatly such an important tool and for some authors like me has become some sort of best selling book.

I remember a few months ago when we were planning on the release of "How do u integrate success in a small business book" one of the things I requested was that it was formatted to the Apple I-phone format. It took the publishers a while to really take me seriously because why in the world will a short, simple online journal like my book be even read in I-phone format. Yet, anyways they finally did it and the traffic rankings can speak for itself today.

The concept of e-books is very specific and target niche in case some of my detractors are still thinking right at this minute. Fiction use to be bestsellers but in the day of recession and depression, people want reality and the truth. Thus, was why my book was very specific on my travails during the business planning class because e-books are about gravitating towards a focus niche.

So in order to answer the clamor of the readers, we simply finally got the domain called, so that those interested to buy them in I-Phone formats can now easily find the link a lot easier.

And yes, the future of e-books will be a new frontier in space. As a matter of fact there are already some entrepreneurial wizards already getting the same color and lay-out we did.

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