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Monday, December 15, 2008

Size 10 Shoe Throwing Incident and Cultural Diversity

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu. As the headlines recently reported about the shoe throwing incident in Iraq to a foreigh leader made a lot of headlines. But nevertheless, we have to understand somehow that people have different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs and up bringing.

As such international incident gave a spotlight yet a concern for the security of the most powerful man in the world, we should also try to understand why people do such things sometimes because of the different adversities they go through and sometimes times are such so tough that we foget the consequences of our actions.

As the global economic recession get's deeper in the light of an incoming administration hopefully we can acknowledge that we have to be more sensitive to the issues at hand. Though, there is a lot of the plate of a new leader, maybe it is a sign of the times that we remember that people have lives, feelings and hopes.

I still need to see more younger generation of young entrepreneurs and leaders with new ideas that should be heard than the typical political experiences. But regardless, how an incident is understood, we still have to respect that a foreign leader still deserves the respect and dignity.

As we age in life we learned from a lot of our mistakes as it is not a perfect world. The reality is how to learn from these mistakes and likewise understand the cultural beliefs and diversity of people.

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