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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Process of Multiplication in Today's Business Environment

Years ago in the books business, bookstores were a fad. We can find them in shopping malls, thrift stores, independent bookshops, trade shows, antique shops, supermarkets and even pharmacies or groceries.

Today, one can buy a bestseller, how to, science fiction, business books and the like through book shopping comparison sites, reviews, search engines, bookclubs and of course "online". Greeting cards shops, comics shops, mail order, magazine stands, phone order or even direct sales are some additional channels through which books have been sold by "multiplication".

From major bookstores, mom and pop sellers, online, distributors, mass merchandiser and department stores the book sections are continuously proliferating either way with or without a recession.

In such processes, market conditions are resulted from such scenarios. One area is the customers types and profiles where customers want to buy in different ways and several channels and options. From the traditional way of flea market auctions or even one stop shop online purchasing, buyers are becoming more sophisticated, demanding anf experimental for a particular product or service.

Another area is technology advancement such as web ecommerce shopping carts, cable channels shopping and of course the "Internet". It is a known fact today that if a business does not have a website presence, shoppers might be hesitant, as for them this is just simply multiplying the ways of buying products.

Today, concentration and specialization leads to a better selection, more shopping convenience and great customer service. Customers tend to buy from the large-scale online operations who dominates the market landscape but continues to find the next better deal, wants more time savings, and experiments other ways and websites as seen by the number of purchases they routinely make.

So the question lies, as the internet presents more opportunities for buyers and sellers, more battles will occur as companies big and small will fight over the e-commerce customer? Hence, is multiplication the answer, domination, duplication, intensive advertising, technology, financial resources or is it "out of the box" thinking of the entrepreneurs? The customer has too many options, a sale is not just the transaction, it is part of the relationship.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge..: - by Albert Eistein.

by Alex Esguerra

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