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Thursday, March 12, 2009

It all comes down to product, focus and strategy

In all this time since the and over the wall street years investors gauge on earnings and revenue by purely making forecasting assumptions. Just look at what happen to the analyst who just admitted to be the greatest ponzi scheme of all time.

But regardless of what and how they look at similar micro enterprises like us, they never see potentials in terms of revenue growth. It can be mere simply colored graphs using microsoft excel data for basic understanding by all parties. But the idea is based on historical data which to me seems to be a more accurate way of predicting a true rate of return. But no, it was all about fico scores, credit ratings and bankers ratios which is why this economics is in chaos today.

It you get a few product category which is more focus, deliberate on the strategy and gauge the way of the founders delivery to the target market should at least ignite that inner intellectual part that this is "hot". It does not take fame gurus and names in the community if one is really an good investor.

The ability to use a commodity as a productized strategy generating multiple income streams should be how an emerging start-up should be classified. Product category mix varies on the evolving business climate and conditions. The entrepreneur's ability to immediately shift and add other streams to stay afloat should be rewarded than snob.

Let us forget of hoping for another Darwinism as there is no other Microsoft or no other Google. These companies and their verticals have still big growth potentials in their own niches. What we need to look for are the new candidates towards the places where such companies use to be, not a service model, social and community consciousness, sustainable growth but still focuses on using a basic product as commodity.

The more we procrastinate when the avenues are already open and conducive might be too late. Why, it's because not all the great innovators on such philosophies are still going to emerge having the past, the present and the future.

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