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Monday, March 16, 2009

I've Said My Pitch, Better Make Your Decision

Being multicultural in terms of ethnicity, "patience" has been a big virtue in my life as an entrepreneur. After all these years, I for heaven's sake know what sacrifices are all about. Sometimes people doubt people but even before we judge a person, we must indeed ask our inner selves how deep do we really know a person.

Just like Madonna's material world, we can't judge a person just because of what you see now. Intelligently, had you really dug deeper into a person's past if whether he has really indeed accomplished the past successes he said he was able to do before?

In a culture where relationship matters, it is very important for us to state what we really mean as it can make or break a deal. Our honor, our dignity and our ethics is on the line. Why for all this time, after all the heartaches, challenges and sacrifices did we re-appear just because we wan't popularity? That is past as am over that complex long ways time and memorial. I did what had to be done because I believe in the person or person's I honor and trust. Trust is a very important virtue as it's like a knife that will do harm if we played around with it.

In spite of the harassments and embarassments we have still welcome our detractors with open arms. After all, this is a new day and there are no more mavericks right now as we are struggling and we need your help for us to go through the turbulence. It is just a simple "yes" or "no" which would be nice to hear from if your going to support our business or not?

What my commitment is the legacy of what this is about. I am not in politics but just a struggling home based micro enterprise whom had been clamoring for your help and support all these months. The plan is written, the point person is known and the best way to move further is to work with the point person. Then together we heal, together my voice and my face will help inspire to motivate and tell my story. Thus, this will acknowledge to the world that change and the mathematical complexity of this is simply being an illusion of fear. I've said my pitch, better make your decision as then it might it be too late before the secret is given to others.

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