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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How Do You Make The Difference through Believing

Just like when I took this journey of years of being in low profile and suddenly come out to support change was what this is about. Taking such a journey is not always easy as there are a lot of people that makes politics as a business.

But through mere faith, hope, love of community and society will one's determination for passion to create the change should not stop anyone who wants to take the same journey.

The point of all of this somewhere back in time as I have personally experience, is the passion to lead, inspire and show people that it is indeed possible.

From a a mere change of cash from selling an old car and starting in a garage. The main difference was that my family, my community and most of all my government believed of this very ideals back then. In spite of the culture among young people of not having enough experience and coming from a middle class family, it was a mere process of replication, sustainability and inspiration from the very grassroots level of society.

I have always believe that putting the community and society over and above your own amibitions leads to greatness. In that creates the spark of motivation from nothing towards growth and opportunity. I had to create a speaking voice for world leaders if so needed as regardless of race, belief and age everyone has the right towards free trade and opportunity.

When you take such a journey it is very hard as it compromises a lot even one's future, safety and opportunities. But then the hard part of faith activism is that the feeling of achievement is very outpouring. Through that outpour creates more motivation from someone with that fire in their belly to create a more better impact for the greater good of society.

Nowhere in my life from that garage that I saw myself one day speaking in behalf of the greatest innovative technology young entrepreneurs in the asia-pacific region. I also did not even see myself being part of writing economic programs and even meeting world leaders. So what the greatest lesson of this online journal is a testimony that compassionate dedication towards humanity is possible.

My goal today is help spread this testimony and hopefully the next generation of young leaders. Together we march to greatness because going back to the one's civil liberties is the only way that will create the healing of an economic recovery.

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