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Monday, February 02, 2009

Hey Paparazzi Can You Ask Instead of Getting Smapshots

As any human being, we know what are the best angles for photography especially since I am not your typical hollywood celebrity ok.

I guess I should just re-acquaint myself with the press back in the old days. On a typical day waiting for the typical public transport that I now take I suddenly notice two paparazzo's trying to make a distinct snapshot. Oh yeah, I wasn't born in the old days as I know when I see one. But certainly, are they sure they are not wasting their film, oh sorry it's perhaps digital nowadays anyways.

The freaks followed to the regular cheap nearby pharmacy where I buy the usual one soda to kick my day with "caffiene". Nobody told no one about changing the trend to affordability and frugality, it just so happen on the right timing ok.

At least with us and those millions like us who live in poverty in America everyday, the only difference is that suddenly people are realizing how hard it is to be poor, limited income, powerless, nobodies and surviving day to day.

We were not trying to make a trend but we were merely stating our voices on how hard our lives had been. As they say, the only way for other people to feel another person's situation is when they live the same type of life and the same type of environment. It just so happen a new president got elected who knows what it is to live on the streets as he himself had the experience of doing it before.

The good news is that we know that this was not just all about politics. Change was also about society, about uplifting human lives, access to services, access to affordable products, universal health care and really caring for the oppressed disadvantage sectors of our society.

So rather than using "affordability" as a media blitz, think first why we use it in our business model while at the same time being an active voice about what needs to be done. Got it?

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