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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

FYI, Mr. President Elect - Choose Your People Wisely

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It might be overwhelming because of the so much huge expectations before inauguration with the new bailwicks in Washington but as you said at the end of the day you have to take responsibility.

Like the so many of us who were really fighting for change all this time during your campaign yet we know we are going to be be forgotten again when you are finally in power. All we ask is that you remain cautious as you have done so before and at least always stick to the main goal.

The temptations of the politicians will always be there, the power of the rich and powerful and the so called corporate smarts. But just remember, change was about identifying people who are unheard with but has the qualifications because they have been there once and sufferred from the very same capitalism.

I remember in November 1997 during the APEC Economic Leaders Summit then President Bill Clinton was very open to the recommendations of the youth component, women and other minorities. He knew that it has been proven before that only through acknowledging the small laymen and citizens were the basic ingredient of having a surplus to live behind. The Asian Financial crisis was just starting then prior to the Stock market collapse of 1999 but the key for investors was belief in the administration and the chain of command.

The last eight years became the opposite when wrong decisions were made and stuhbornness started.

We are hopeful that you have still the youthful reluctance of becoming really idealistic yet realistic as to why who have won so much respect in all sectors and arena.

So Mr. President Elect yet we may not be even qualified to be in your list on your induction, at least show us the sign that you will remain the same.

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