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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Expressing your Voice as part of the 8th Habit during stressful recessions

In times like the present economic hardship and difficulties we face today, a lot of people look up to people they cherish and admire in order for them to get some tips on coping with their daily lives. Any author like the recently deceased John Updike who has profound influence on others represents leadership and vision.

During the course of studying lives of great achievers and leaders, we notice about a pattern and routine that made their significant contributions simply made notable and important. Through their persistent efforts and inner struggle, they have greatly expanded their four main human intellect and capabilities. the highest of these capabilities focuses on mental vision, physical discipline, emotional passion and spiritual conscience. Such manifestations also seem to prove the means of expressing their voice.

Vision is seeing a future state with the mind's eye. It is applied imagination. Things being created twice through mental and physical and then we begin the process of reinventing our own self.

Years ago when I used to give public speeches on entrepreneurship, I seemly represent my own desire, my dreams, my goals and future plans. Some people thought if they were just mere fantasies or reality. But in my own inner self, I know the immeasureable power and capacity I can in reinventing my own life. Thus, vision is infinite and is greater than history, greater than emotions, or baggages of the past. So when we talk about vision, we should always consider on what is "out there", what can other people see and their potential.

Just like when we we use to talk about affordability to the limited income earners at
was the time that the present was enjoying the fruits of the material world. That time we can only connect to real poor and the homeless people whom did not see the great recession coming. They have not even seen the bottom line yet. So as we travel to this new atmosphere of change, having the first african american president in the White House of the greatest nation on earth.

As any great achiever or philospher like Aristotle said, "Where talents and the needs of the world cross, therein lies your vocation" So as we create a new passion in our lives, perhaps finding our own unique talents, our special role and purpose might be that motication we need to get through life no matter how hard it is.

As we now move to seek a more deeper understanding of the challenges beneath it is just appealing for us us to look into the 4 major roles of leadership - Vision, Discipline, Passion and Conscience.

So no matter what horrible circumstances are in our daily lives today due to this stressful environment, it is such circumstances that we will find our own individual calling and true voice within.

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