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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entrepreneurship and The Future of E-Commerce

The e-commerce platforms has gradually changed through the years.

Entrepreneurship has been regarded as a major player in the development of e-commerce technology. Not a lot of companies today still makes mainframe software for personal computers. This is why investors have to be very watchful on start-ups and new emerging companies as after all this are the entrepreneurs that are open to new possibilities.

Small start-ups tend to be more focus on innovation and dare to take great risks than large companies today. Even when a start-up fails, the entrepreneurs running them learn from the successes and failures that has been done and in the end there is more rapid progress of success.

Today, as an example online search engines are highly targetting the large companies who have the capabilities of paying the bucks in search and placements advertising, Years ago, when someone made an online search they would just go to the first and second pages and forget about the remaining resulting pages.

However, because of the economic trends, the consumer is becoming more sophisticated and it becomes more and more a market-driven decision based economy, a person making an online search is going to several pages and sometimes up to the tenth page in search for the specific target product that relates to their need.

As companies start to believe in mergers, acquisitions and alliances the questions lies are consumers shopping in the new marketplace? The internet and e-commerce technology has affected our daily lives today and the years to come.

I have been personally working on this book for several months because I want it to be perfect when it finally goes to press. I intend this book to be a big bestseller in the long run and part of the proceeds will go to an institution that merely focuses on Entrepreneurship and an institution that had help me achieve my dreams.

Yet the other hard part is hiring very smart, intelligent and logical people especially when you expect only the best and greatest results to be a reality.

Let me reiterate the call for interested investors today. This is such the great time and opportunity of your lifetime. Are you going to let this passed and like this book will be in online discussion forums and communities for the many years to come. Then people will understand what the story was about.

Alex Esguerra

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Google Dance: Waltzing with the Dictators

As a small struggling e-commerce company, Google is one company that we are very grateful to. Not only for the traffic, search engine, adsense but suport as well. As long as we are the dancing the same direction, it can be rest assured that we will be a mighty ally someday when our turn comes. And then they would say, it was all worth it.

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