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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Today I received a Note Thanking Affordable Books mission in redefining a new trend

With a short testimonial, I am very much happy to somehow get some kind of acknowledgement from a customer today. The customer was quoted saying, "You should be credited in your efforts about fighing for affordability among limited income earners all this time in spite of the challenges bestowed to you guys".customer - Affordable Books

Then the customer also continued in saying he/she like my blog about Valentine Saving Tips and about Charice. It's hard to get credit but for once I thought I should blog this because it was sent anonymously and I had no way towards extending the thank you for that comment.

Through the years, we had been building our online e-commerce driven model with the unique mission of showing the compassionate life of living low income, unemployed, and disabled while being taken advantage of predatory corporate giants. We had been publicly laughed at and mocked on basically being a customer service and value driven model than profits first business.

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Over the years that we have meawhile been abused like any third party independent online market place seller, suddenly the very core of our branding like "affordable", "frugal, "cheap", "limited income" and "unemployed" suddenly now becomes a household name. In the last two years, we have also been struggling to bring our message across about how corporate greed and the ill ways of monkey money making businesses will not thrive because it is almost stealing the middle and working class' dignity for basic survival.

Nonetheless, it has been even timely that Filipino World War II Veterans, the homeless and under insured
middle class have finally got an ally in the White House. But for all you know, this was the basic message of change and why people like us were so desperate for that change.

Thanks to our allies and people that have continuousy supported us through thick and thin, our vision and mission at least have reach significant milestones today. Even during the times when I personally kept focusing on being an online driven model to save on operating cost, valuation and convincing the investing community about online emerging sustainable technologies such as widgets and applications like "affordablebooks", we were still ignored.

And so to our ever loyal supporters, by now you know that I do keep my word of sharing the fruits of our labor. The thing I asked of you now is that let us use the written blueprint and business plan so that together we can really create the road towards a new direction and road to prosperity. Only in so doing this, will the wounds begin to heal and the markets finally set a new direction for online technologies like Alexandria to be a main central tool for education and communication.

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