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What Lies Between Us, A Novel by Naomi Munaweera, New York Times Bestsellers

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.What Lies Between Us, a winner of the Regional Commonwealth Book Prize for Asia signifies similarity to a lot of Asian Americans having the culture within yet living the challenges of growing up as an American.
                         Like Ganga fulfilling the American dream of graduating from college, moving to a city like San Francisco, working as a nurse while reminiscing the scars from the past. After which a love story begins with Daniel yet secrets from the past haunts her until she finally commits the terrible dreaded act followed by her confession.

                         Author Nayomi Munaweera a foreign born Sri Lankan who grew up in Nigeria deficts the story of Ganga. Nayomi immigrated to the USA as a teenager and currently is resident in Oakland, California. 
                         Way back the days of ABAC @APEC, Asian literary award giving bodies really recognizes Asians that have exceeded notability. Nayomi's first novel then, "Island of a Thousand Mirrors" won the 2013 Commonwealth Book Prize  for the Asian Region, was long listed for the 2012 Man Asian Literary Prize, and was shortlisted for the 2013 DSC Price for South Asian Literature.

                          Her first novel was "The Beating heart of Island of Thousand Mirrors is not so much its human characters but Sri Lanka itself and the vivid, occasionally incandescent language used to describe this teardrop in the Indian Ocean" - The New York Times Book Review.

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1997 to 2023 APEC's strategies then and now in terms of cooperation

 During the APEC Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Fourth Ministerial Meeting (Ottawa, Canada, Sept 18-19, 1997) where about 32 of us youth ...