Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is there such a thing as destiny and belief

Both words seem to have a very much expanding menaing. However, growing up simplr has a basic relevance to this words. It really depends on how we are brought up, to what beliefs and what cultures we were shown.

In certain cases like myself, religion played an important part of life. It was very synonomous that when times get tough and there are no more perceived ways to counter a problem or situation, prayers and belief in God plays an important part in the ordeal or process.

Growing up with ties to science and technology also seemed a little confusing at first. There were times I have to think if there was a logical meaning to the belief in terms of science. There were times that I have asked that is the belief not just a primitive way of supertitious beliefs? But then as time went by I discovered no, faith does work and it is indeed integral to one's destiny.

Maybe, there can be a lot of discussion points about this subject. However, as the purpose of blogging is mere personal expression, I want to share that personally faith, belief, and religion does work with my personal fate and destiny. This is the essence of the meaning of why personally I believe that there is such a thing as destiny and belief.


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dream the Impossible As It Will Be Possible

As a child in the 80's, I used to hear the song, "Impossible Dream" and love to watch "Mission Impossible".

Years and decades from now hopefully if this blog is archived and preserved, it will show how people like us of giving importance on the youth while undergoing the challenges that went on with it truly endures.

The realities of stories about lives is always focused on the present. So regardless if someone has really done a tremendous job and example for society what they are before finally getting that credit most of the time writes their own history. So when this project was started together about memoirs of past, present and future endeavors of my beliefs for the youth, this was the insurance of what memorable memoirs should be about.

Of course there would be a lot of stories from many sources good or bad about one's past lives and achievements but having more verifiable data sources will more validate such stories. The main point is that in all generational divides, it can be stated that giving the youth the right direction, preparation, recognition and importance always shapes what the future will bring towards success.

And who knows, just maybe as in democratic politics, the youth will be well represented in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of governments for years and decades to come. Even cabinets and houses in governments will permanently appoint a specific youth representative.

Then a new era in democratic ideals and change will indeed be achievable in rich and poor nations.

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