Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How Do You Make The Difference through Believing

Just like when I took this journey of years of being in low profile and suddenly come out to support change was what this is about. Taking such a journey is not always easy as there are a lot of people that makes politics as a business.

But through mere faith, hope, love of community and society will one's determination for passion to create the change should not stop anyone who wants to take the same journey.

The point of all of this somewhere back in time as I have personally experience, is the passion to lead, inspire and show people that it is indeed possible.

From a a mere change of cash from selling an old car and starting in a garage. The main difference was that my family, my community and most of all my government believed of this very ideals back then. In spite of the culture among young people of not having enough experience and coming from a middle class family, it was a mere process of replication, sustainability and inspiration from the very grassroots level of society.

I have always believe that putting the community and society over and above your own amibitions leads to greatness. In that creates the spark of motivation from nothing towards growth and opportunity. I had to create a speaking voice for world leaders if so needed as regardless of race, belief and age everyone has the right towards free trade and opportunity.

When you take such a journey it is very hard as it compromises a lot even one's future, safety and opportunities. But then the hard part of faith activism is that the feeling of achievement is very outpouring. Through that outpour creates more motivation from someone with that fire in their belly to create a more better impact for the greater good of society.

Nowhere in my life from that garage that I saw myself one day speaking in behalf of the greatest innovative technology young entrepreneurs in the asia-pacific region. I also did not even see myself being part of writing economic programs and even meeting world leaders. So what the greatest lesson of this online journal is a testimony that compassionate dedication towards humanity is possible.

My goal today is help spread this testimony and hopefully the next generation of young leaders. Together we march to greatness because going back to the one's civil liberties is the only way that will create the healing of an economic recovery.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

When are you going to acknowledge the need when one is gone as in the past.

When people die so does their ideals and their passions. Then we have this memorial services talking about the pasts and or whatever contributions a dead person may have at some point done or accomplish.

Through the years of giving the best legacies of my closest relatives always memorable, no matter how grandeur or small I have tried, people seem to wonder why I still wept? This was because being close to these very people who have influence my life so greatly I knew they have their own way of ADD. It's hard to being some kind of historian and keeper of family secrets as you also know what the frustrations were about.

Just like the closest women in my life came the three important things for them such as Faith, Love and Family. Then came the common denominators of community, society and entrepreneurship. I was always wondering why they made genealogy and the church as part of everyday or usual converations. But on the other side of the circle, they knew what people were talking about. Some people talk about thriftiness, strictness, discipline, and or being them being too shrewed to get rich.

So as a child, it makes you really wonder what's the real truth and the quest to find the answers. Then slowly I understood how it all connects so that in the end the spirit of giving back can be returned. The one great thing I have learned in my own quest is that one should be able to really express the true goals so that later on people will have some kind of historical reference to refer to back in time.

This is the spirit behind why I was so deeply fascinated in writing an e-book through "Memories of an APEC Youth Representative". So that together with this and other facts of evidence, people can some day refer to and what, who, and how was the real other side of me and the women behind the circle. I was the only one who can be the communicator of the histories that they wanted to express.

Because the expressions were so private that more than ever people did not really get the real message. Thank God I was the creative one, imaginative, and able to write in some way as otherwise these expressions will just stay beneath me like what had stayed beneath them.

I guess the only setback I have personally is that of all the adversities I have endured with these intentions I hope I can simply enjoy the fruits while am still here. As when I'm gone it will not make sense because there is nobody like me to past it on to. Yes, the chain breaks here because the real inner stories of the once mighthy religious De Leon family ends with me.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I've Said My Pitch, Better Make Your Decision

Being multicultural in terms of ethnicity, "patience" has been a big virtue in my life as an entrepreneur. After all these years, I for heaven's sake know what sacrifices are all about. Sometimes people doubt people but even before we judge a person, we must indeed ask our inner selves how deep do we really know a person.

Just like Madonna's material world, we can't judge a person just because of what you see now. Intelligently, had you really dug deeper into a person's past if whether he has really indeed accomplished the past successes he said he was able to do before?

In a culture where relationship matters, it is very important for us to state what we really mean as it can make or break a deal. Our honor, our dignity and our ethics is on the line. Why for all this time, after all the heartaches, challenges and sacrifices did we re-appear just because we wan't popularity? That is past as am over that complex long ways time and memorial. I did what had to be done because I believe in the person or person's I honor and trust. Trust is a very important virtue as it's like a knife that will do harm if we played around with it.

In spite of the harassments and embarassments we have still welcome our detractors with open arms. After all, this is a new day and there are no more mavericks right now as we are struggling and we need your help for us to go through the turbulence. It is just a simple "yes" or "no" which would be nice to hear from if your going to support our business or not?

What my commitment is the legacy of what this is about. I am not in politics but just a struggling home based micro enterprise whom had been clamoring for your help and support all these months. The plan is written, the point person is known and the best way to move further is to work with the point person. Then together we heal, together my voice and my face will help inspire to motivate and tell my story. Thus, this will acknowledge to the world that change and the mathematical complexity of this is simply being an illusion of fear. I've said my pitch, better make your decision as then it might it be too late before the secret is given to others.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It all comes down to product, focus and strategy

In all this time since the and over the wall street years investors gauge on earnings and revenue by purely making forecasting assumptions. Just look at what happen to the analyst who just admitted to be the greatest ponzi scheme of all time.

But regardless of what and how they look at similar micro enterprises like us, they never see potentials in terms of revenue growth. It can be mere simply colored graphs using microsoft excel data for basic understanding by all parties. But the idea is based on historical data which to me seems to be a more accurate way of predicting a true rate of return. But no, it was all about fico scores, credit ratings and bankers ratios which is why this economics is in chaos today.

It you get a few product category which is more focus, deliberate on the strategy and gauge the way of the founders delivery to the target market should at least ignite that inner intellectual part that this is "hot". It does not take fame gurus and names in the community if one is really an good investor.

The ability to use a commodity as a productized strategy generating multiple income streams should be how an emerging start-up should be classified. Product category mix varies on the evolving business climate and conditions. The entrepreneur's ability to immediately shift and add other streams to stay afloat should be rewarded than snob.

Let us forget of hoping for another Darwinism as there is no other Microsoft or no other Google. These companies and their verticals have still big growth potentials in their own niches. What we need to look for are the new candidates towards the places where such companies use to be, not a service model, social and community consciousness, sustainable growth but still focuses on using a basic product as commodity.

The more we procrastinate when the avenues are already open and conducive might be too late. Why, it's because not all the great innovators on such philosophies are still going to emerge having the past, the present and the future.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Today I received a Note Thanking Affordable Books mission in redefining a new trend

With a short testimonial, I am very much happy to somehow get some kind of acknowledgement from a customer today. The customer was quoted saying, "You should be credited in your efforts about fighing for affordability among limited income earners all this time in spite of the challenges bestowed to you guys".customer - Affordable Books

Then the customer also continued in saying he/she like my blog about Valentine Saving Tips and about Charice. It's hard to get credit but for once I thought I should blog this because it was sent anonymously and I had no way towards extending the thank you for that comment.

Through the years, we had been building our online e-commerce driven model with the unique mission of showing the compassionate life of living low income, unemployed, and disabled while being taken advantage of predatory corporate giants. We had been publicly laughed at and mocked on basically being a customer service and value driven model than profits first business.

100 Affordable, High Quality Business Cards only $

Over the years that we have meawhile been abused like any third party independent online market place seller, suddenly the very core of our branding like "affordable", "frugal, "cheap", "limited income" and "unemployed" suddenly now becomes a household name. In the last two years, we have also been struggling to bring our message across about how corporate greed and the ill ways of monkey money making businesses will not thrive because it is almost stealing the middle and working class' dignity for basic survival.

Nonetheless, it has been even timely that Filipino World War II Veterans, the homeless and under insured
middle class have finally got an ally in the White House. But for all you know, this was the basic message of change and why people like us were so desperate for that change.

Thanks to our allies and people that have continuousy supported us through thick and thin, our vision and mission at least have reach significant milestones today. Even during the times when I personally kept focusing on being an online driven model to save on operating cost, valuation and convincing the investing community about online emerging sustainable technologies such as widgets and applications like "affordablebooks", we were still ignored.

And so to our ever loyal supporters, by now you know that I do keep my word of sharing the fruits of our labor. The thing I asked of you now is that let us use the written blueprint and business plan so that together we can really create the road towards a new direction and road to prosperity. Only in so doing this, will the wounds begin to heal and the markets finally set a new direction for online technologies like Alexandria to be a main central tool for education and communication.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Adult Entertainment Capital, Inc Changes Name to Zealous Trading Group, Will No Longer be Working With Adult Industry

Adult Entertainment Capital, Inc Changes Name to Zealous Trading Group, Will No Longer be Working With Adult Industry

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

What does ADLE stand for?

We have been receiving inquiries of what was the original meaning when ADLE International was founded as a business on January 21, 1999 with the State of Oregon. Originally, it is the abbreviation for Alexander De Leon Esguerra - ADLE International and today it is Affordable, Dependable Limited Income Earners.

ADLE's vision is to mentor the youth in becoming great business leaders because of the belief on furthering knowledge and education. The mission is affordability for limited income earners. Everything about us is about education, philosophy and literacy.

Hopefully, this will answer the inquiries we have received.

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