Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Speech that I Wanted to Hear from Barack

Yes, as the title says. This is the speech we (the youth) of the world wants to hear when he delivered a speech in the Congress of the United States tonight.

Never, has a speed of light, a President of change meant the right words at the right time for the right audience.

Yes, tonight's Presidential speech is what we wanted to hear from Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States.

This is what the ideals of change was all about. The preparation of the youth, the involvement of the youth, empowering education and the middle class.

As this online journal memoirs becomes a part of a legacy in times to come, perhaps it will take note that at least it touch Obama about values of what America is about.

What's the next steps? Yes, the next would be for this administration to appoint the youth leaders to take part of their leadership. This is the only way to change, the only to prosperity, and the way for the much discipline that America needs.

Just like 1997, when we formed the alliance at the mighty APEC economies for the Youth involvement. Obama indeed expressed the change factor of what has been needed to be heard all this time. This is the way, the way to democracy, the way to the future, the way for America to change.

More power to you Mr. President,
Former APEC Youth Representative Alex Esguerra
Founder, ADLE International

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Friday, February 20, 2009

What is the Strategy, the Internet is the Main Collaborator

The technology age enters a new age in the digital revolution. No longer just a mere place to advertise, build public image and create awareness, it is a new venture of communications.

From strategist turned main collaborator, the new re-invented information technology is now a main channel of communications, exhanging ideas, developing projects and sharing individual passions.

From a mere cobol interface, hardware, softwares, and applications came live streaming videos, online games, micro-blogging, tweeting and voice over instant messaging.

From the impressive indexes of Wall Street and pre-privatizations', now comes start-up investments towards emerging start-ups integrating human compassion, networking communications and killer applications. The Silicon Valley has risen right beneath the live spaces of the internet.

Now with a global shift for empowering the buyers rather than being influenced by mega sellers, there is a new revolution about wise spending, practicality and affordability of consumer behaviors and lifestyles.

With the online infrastructures of verticals, aggregators and syndications the word is out that social responsbility will prevail than the corporate power of greed. With it, comes the simple creed of walking the talk and delivering that expectations we want to communicate.

So as we move forward with great traction from the auspices of the passionate consumer and benefactors, the strategy simply lies on the magic power of the new revolutionalized age of B2B and online collaborative techologies.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Moving Affordablebooks to a new level

The excitement and thrill is building while the challenges of growing is up todate as compiled in my book at: www.howdoyouintegratesuccess.com

The road towards evolution has been fast paced the last few months thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our mentors and supporters. Never before in the last few years have I been so push to work smarter, harder, and creatively focused.

As we slowly develop our niche and our potentials hopefully it will give more infinite time to earn a living on a passion I do believe and love ever since.

But the greatest fullfillment is knowing that our readers base are fastly growing to enormous numbers which is what we desperately need to grow and survive. For us, it means that part of our social awareness of advocating for affordability amongst the limited income earner is an integral part of our economic recovery.

As we move to a new level welcoming more people to participate in our endeavors hopefully the vision of mentoring will be a realization.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kudos to Google, Yahoo and Microsoft on Canonical Tagging

Finally, the clean up on the internet is beginning. With a big thank you.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The New Role of Technology towards Change

When we were developing the marketing concept for Affordable Books, the dream was mere integration of technology in every aspect of the business model. Either it be sales, shipping, customer service, contact, marketing and even product development. For some, they thought it was really strange as what happens to telemarketing and other adminstrative functions. People even question why we had this huge idea of financial management online.

So in order to clarify, what we wanted was one goal in mind. Meeting the customers needs and expectations. It's like urgency and prioritization when people go online to find out about something, do a research or simply solicit more information.

Having an online business model is extremely hard in case some people think it is easy. Why, because you have to streamline and connect all the dots together in every part of your operations. Not to mention that we are simply a struggling home based micro enterpise and or for some biggies a nobody in the e-commerce industry. Yet, our leverage is listening to the market and actively connecting with the human emotion and need.

Cost savings, value and growth opportunites are big for us which is why our mission is simply centered on affordability. Realistically, we know the plight of limited earners as we live the same life.

Yet empowering the customer and informatively giving factual content and experiences are very important to our existence. Privacy, security and personalized treatment are big for us. We believe that no matter who, what, where and how the way we interact ultimately will be the same treatment as any other customer or individual.

As we grow together with our readers, we have the ideology of responsibility towards change and thereby still integrating technology in every aspect of our business model.

Friday, February 06, 2009

The Future of E-books - a new frontier in space

Affordability and simplicity were the basic ingredients I had in mind even before I started ADLE International. Simple is cool especially when it is short and sweet.

A lot of my compadre's in the bookselling world knows that I am a special fan of Kindle and the Sony Reader. Not only do I believe in the technology, I believe that books should not be more than 100 pages long. Unfortunately, especially today these high tech book devices are still on my santa's wish list. Someday I will be able to afford and buy them because right now it is about basic food, shelter and survival.

In the future, not only will people merely read books using devices or online, it will gradually shift towards downloading techie stuff. With the power of "I need it now" or today, the sense of urgency deficts the need of e-books. Some say it's the economy, it's the recession yet some say it's the internet as books now are on massive sale up to 70% nowadays. The shift has now started thanks to our first high tech blackberry carrying US President Obama.

As you see, some blogs have now been use to pitch selling a product or service. But gone are the times of telemarketing or auto sales gimmicks. You can entice, you can pitch or even scare people but the online consumer nowadays has become sophisticated, intelligent and very geeky.

A few months ago while finalizing our business plan, we wanted to tell my mentors that publishing books were not just centered on printing but on electronic technology. Hopefully, some of my great teachers (which I adore greatly) now understands that I am a bit of a fortune teller. Not than i know who will win the elections but a simple truth of being a reinforcer about the gradual shift to technology. If you are reading this blog right now, you are just part of the millions who are now blogging enthusiast as blogging has become greatly such an important tool and for some authors like me has become some sort of best selling book.

I remember a few months ago when we were planning on the release of "How do u integrate success in a small business book" one of the things I requested was that it was formatted to the Apple I-phone format. It took the publishers a while to really take me seriously because why in the world will a short, simple online journal like my book be even read in I-phone format. Yet, anyways they finally did it and the traffic rankings can speak for itself today.

The concept of e-books is very specific and target niche in case some of my detractors are still thinking right at this minute. Fiction use to be bestsellers but in the day of recession and depression, people want reality and the truth. Thus, was why my book was very specific on my travails during the business planning class because e-books are about gravitating towards a focus niche.

So in order to answer the clamor of the readers, we simply finally got the domain called, www.howdoyouintegratesuccess.com so that those interested to buy them in I-Phone formats can now easily find the link a lot easier.

And yes, the future of e-books will be a new frontier in space. As a matter of fact there are already some entrepreneurial wizards already getting the same color and lay-out we did.

Blogging, The New Trend in the Virtual Community

Originally blogs came from web logs, which are online journals for writing and journalism. They are supposed to be noteworthy insights into your book, your work as an author and best part is that they always have new content.

It is estimated that there are about 50,000 blogs added everyday but of course that was before the mass lay-offs where people are not at home mostly online. Boring blogs normally don't get noticed like reading a newspaper article using the magic click of the finger.

In today's social media and networking, blogs has definitely built a lot of relationships. Going down the blogosphere, people are less limiting ways to be in contact with their readers. I still believe in the educational value of blogs which is why I always encourage comments, feedbacks, RSS, and subscriptions.

One of the best supporters in blogging is
the no. 1 search engine of all time. Google spiders the heck out of your site and even establishes ranking. A lot of people don't know that Google's Book Partner Program is very philanthropic as they are supporting emerging authors by giving them traffic and exposure. But if you also want to make some money from your blogs, why not try reviweing books using an Amazon.com affiliate link ID or another way is through the Google Adsense program.

A lot of my friends from the past had jokingly told me about being a celebrity web blogger but they also know that I have been writing since Grade One in Elementary School. Back then, I started writing in my school organ called "The Light" in english about current events. In high school to college I wrote as a features editor for School again called "Rosarian" until eventually became a part time contributing poltical writer in some newspaper dailies.

I write because it is the best form of my own self expression of ideas over and above public speaking for motivational topics like "Social Enterprises" as a gesture of helping express the voice of the community and people.

What I have discovered in blogging is being "factual". Your topic must be specific so your reader can understand what it is all about in the first 5 seconds before they press that mouse.

But ultimately, the goal is to compile this online journals in an e-book format about my life and the legacy that I want to leave behind.

After all, this all started in the vision of mentoring young entrepreneurs in becoming great leaders of tomorrow. Thus created,
Affordable Books
, the frugal dude and How Do you Integrate Success Book in fighting for the rights of limited income earners, the disabled, seniors and the unemployed.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Hey Paparazzi Can You Ask Instead of Getting Smapshots

As any human being, we know what are the best angles for photography especially since I am not your typical hollywood celebrity ok.

I guess I should just re-acquaint myself with the press back in the old days. On a typical day waiting for the typical public transport that I now take I suddenly notice two paparazzo's trying to make a distinct snapshot. Oh yeah, I wasn't born in the old days as I know when I see one. But certainly, are they sure they are not wasting their film, oh sorry it's perhaps digital nowadays anyways.

The freaks followed to the regular cheap nearby pharmacy where I buy the usual one soda to kick my day with "caffiene". Nobody told no one about changing the trend to affordability and frugality, it just so happen on the right timing ok.

At least with us and those millions like us who live in poverty in America everyday, the only difference is that suddenly people are realizing how hard it is to be poor, limited income, powerless, nobodies and surviving day to day.

We were not trying to make a trend but we were merely stating our voices on how hard our lives had been. As they say, the only way for other people to feel another person's situation is when they live the same type of life and the same type of environment. It just so happen a new president got elected who knows what it is to live on the streets as he himself had the experience of doing it before.

The good news is that we know that this was not just all about politics. Change was also about society, about uplifting human lives, access to services, access to affordable products, universal health care and really caring for the oppressed disadvantage sectors of our society.

So rather than using "affordability" as a media blitz, think first why we use it in our business model while at the same time being an active voice about what needs to be done. Got it?

Inside Google Book Search: Magazines come to Google Book Search

Inside Google Book Search: Magazines come to Google Book Search

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