Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How do you celebrate X'mas during a recession?

How do you celebrate X'mas during a recession?

It's chilly on christmas winter with last minute shoppers trying to buy their last minute presents. Yet, it still sparks the question of how one will survive for tomorrow in a day and age of online technology yet broke and penny pinching each day.

As we celebrate Christmas 2008, there are so many mixed feelings about life nowadays. One common question we hear is what happen? How did we get to this ordeal of hardship? Yet, on another angle we celebrate life on what blessings we have and face the common reality of economic uncertainty.

With barely a month for the 44th President of the United States to be inducted into office facing one of the greatest economic challenges of our era, let us remember that life after all is not just about material wealth, it is something to be cherish and let us asked ourselves why we continue to live day by day.

Each of us have different economic situations right now but generally everyone's finances is tight. But perhaps we have to face the reality and accept this reality that we have to give courage, hope, love and inspiration which is the entire meaning of life.

To all our readers who have constantly followed us online through the years, our loyal customers who have always continued buying our books and products at ADLE International, many thanks and warmest X'mas blessings.

Warmest regards,

Alex Esguerra
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