Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It is done, Change is here to come, God Bless America

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History has been made with millions of us over the months of fighting for change. As in any political campaign, we know that when it is said and done we are back to being nobodies, powerless, and low income.

However, let us not forget that all of us had done this to make a change. All we can do is give the chance to a younger president hopefully a president for the people. Let us pat each and everyone's back for letting history unfold as the 44th President elect Barack Obama starts a new phase of history in America.

For years, I personally just kept silent as we all know how dirty the world of poltiics is all about. However, suddenly it felt it was so overwhelming anymore and I just felt if I don't say anything even though it will not good for me anyways, I felt and perhaps I a lot of you did then "change" will never come true.

There are two important things that are components in this election, the power of the youth, our future leaders of tomorrow which I have been fighting for personally and the new era of technology in installing this president.

Let us rejoice, be happy and hope with little expectations that our efforts might be forgotten in the crazy world of poltiics. But, we done our part, powerlesss, nobodies, low income just wanting a change in our lives. THE Economy is the number one task right now.

Former APEC Youth Representative, Alex Esguerra

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