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Who will bail me out now, sound familiar

The reality is it's easier said than done. What if someone is doing their best, I can help but be amaze that finance wizards are talking about debt consolidation or even bankruptcy, is that a good financial education?

I guess the geniuses needs to add fresh content in their writings so they would advice everything they can create to still have popularity and ratings. However, unless you live like us that are the ones trying to survive, how dare can they understand one's situation.

Was it a reality check that this were the same people saying to people that one should not take out their 401K's and this was just an economy correction and not recession? This very people are also the same now in saying that this is just a recession and not the great depression. When people cannot hardly eat healthy meals daily then for them it is still ok just because they are still ok with there enormous fortunes and cash.

This is reality time and no longer a time for predatory gimmicks as people are starving, anxious and helpless. What such great finance experts and whiz should do is at least admit the reality that every middle and low income class in having a hard time. Do what you can to be responsible to honor and pay our commitments while still on survival mode for ourselves and our families.

Instead, the emphasis should be on our individual physical, emotional and spiritual health. After all if we get sick then we do not have the chance to get by and co-exist. People are angry on what is going on but they are also admittedly recognizing the uncertainty. But the last thing they need to get more croppy ill educated advice from so called experts who are good in enriching their ownselves.

Hello, let us wake up and be more real so that people can get more confident that there is hope.

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