Sunday, October 19, 2008

9 Websites That Help With Everyday Budgeting, does it include "How do unitegrate success in a small business"

Right now, small businesses are the ones the needs the bail outOne silver lining to these tough economic times: a slew of new free online tools and services that help consumers save money and manage it wisely. Whether you're looking to track your credit score, find a better savings rate or finally balance that monthly budget, these nine sites can help:

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Who will bail me out now, sound familiar

The reality is it's easier said than done. What if someone is doing their best, I can help but be amaze that finance wizards are talking about debt consolidation or even bankruptcy, is that a good financial education?

I guess the geniuses needs to add fresh content in their writings so they would advice everything they can create to still have popularity and ratings. However, unless you live like us that are the ones trying to survive, how dare can they understand one's situation.

Was it a reality check that this were the same people saying to people that one should not take out their 401K's and this was just an economy correction and not recession? This very people are also the same now in saying that this is just a recession and not the great depression. When people cannot hardly eat healthy meals daily then for them it is still ok just because they are still ok with there enormous fortunes and cash.

This is reality time and no longer a time for predatory gimmicks as people are starving, anxious and helpless. What such great finance experts and whiz should do is at least admit the reality that every middle and low income class in having a hard time. Do what you can to be responsible to honor and pay our commitments while still on survival mode for ourselves and our families.

Instead, the emphasis should be on our individual physical, emotional and spiritual health. After all if we get sick then we do not have the chance to get by and co-exist. People are angry on what is going on but they are also admittedly recognizing the uncertainty. But the last thing they need to get more croppy ill educated advice from so called experts who are good in enriching their ownselves.

Hello, let us wake up and be more real so that people can get more confident that there is hope.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

The solution to the greatest financial crisis, a book - Mavericks, Hockey Moms, Palin crisis, SNL Tina Faye

With the onset of the greatest economic depression disaster since 1931 in America in time for the Presidential elections where Mavericks and Hockey moms were made instant superstar, a book on how to integrate success in a small business might be the way to solve the financial disaster of all times. A book written by a small business owner tested.

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Think this is the end? Write yourself a new beginning - I am really jealous you have a positive balance, I don't

Saw this article in the MSN Money blog: "Not that long ago I had about $130 to my name. I was struggling to balance a handful of part-time jobs with re-entry into college after 30 years away from higher ed.Going back to school terrified me. But my life was already turned upside down: I'd left a long-term marriage and run through most of my savings to support myself"Boy, I am very jealous she has at least a positive balance because as far as I am concerns and perhaps thousands out there or even millions are in "NEGATIVE". What a life this Economic crisis has done to simple lives to get to be "DISASTROUS" lives now!

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Warning: Blog the truth about the american recession and you will block as Spam

Warning: Blog the truth about the american recession and you will block as Spam

Yes, the title is correct, just because we got so much hits and traffic that our blog administrator servers almost crush the last two days talking about the american economic recession had we be been labelled as spammer.

I have been blogging for the last two years about low income, limited income affordability and now suddenly after starting a new blog "What Portfolio are you talking about" been labelled and locked as a spammer. The problem is that "REALITY" is hard to accept but TV is now doing segments on one buck meals.

So, this is the freedom of expression in America as its' best example when we are simply stating the facts. So if you don't wan't to be classified as non-human nowadays, do even blog or say something bad and just keep telling the lies that "everything" is cool and alright.

We had been fighting for "Affordability" for a long time now and stating the facts of capitalism and this is what we get in return. It's hard what to say anymore because when you simply reinvigorate the true scenarios then you get penalize.

As a small online third party independent bookseller a year ago I remember when we were "DING" from a so called "ALLIANCE" of a major internet site just because we don't scratch this major sites so called policies politics? A lot of consumers does not really know that small online third party sellers are actually the ones delivering their orders. What happens is that when they make an order and their credit card is charge, they do not have the slightest idea that the money they just paid does not actually go to the small online seller. It goes to the major site owner who also earns fees and commissions in addition. The small seller get the money maybe a week or two weeks after when the major sites have already used that said credit card charge to finance their operations and stocks "portfolio's".

Through all these years, I always stay silent and just merely keep quiet but this is the time the public should know about the true realities in this industries. Unless, you are buying directly from our website and shopping cart then that is the only time you are actually giving the small seller the money. But guess what, when you complain that you did not not yet receive the order or there is a delay who get's the blame --- the small seller ---who actually had been financing the buying cycle all the time. And on top of these commissions, fees and holding on to the money, there is even a monthly subscription charge we have to pay just to be listed in this major online internet sites.

A lot of small sellers understand that the big guys have to pay employees and do advertising, etc.., but most of us are also doing our own campaigns. We are also paying for these such things and the fact that your reading this blog also signifies that we are doing our part as well.

Someone needs to say something and small sellers like us are just sick and tired of not being able to voice out the realities. Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the online community these are the true realities. So warning, just keep your mouth shut and keep those hands from typing the realities of life!

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Iraq War - Where is the money?

The Iraq War – Where is the money?

On a recent Vice-Presidential debate between Gov. Sarah Palin ® and Sen. Joe Biden (Dem) , Sen. Biden reiterated how six years of spending in Afghanistan equates to only three (3) weeks that the United States spends on the Iraq War. Of course if the United States is spending $1M US Dollars a day in Iraq one would reconcile while the hardest recession in the American Economy was brought about. Of course, there are so many reasons that a leading economists can given but the truth is that an average Joe or soccer mom as Palin said is the one who ultimately suffers.

The debate goes on with the lessons of morality in preserving the democratic ideals of the greatest superpower on earth after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. But knowing the American way of life, was there ever a day that Americans did not complain about things. In fact, was this not a way of getting what people wanted by way of complaining about things. Then now, when poverty sets in as a cost when is complaining about enough in the ideological American way of thinking.

We can perhaps go all over the excuses of why the money run out through Iraq but the truth is Americans did allow such events to unfold. The reality is that it will take years before a complete total troop’s withdrawal is finally made and meantime what happens to the America?

There had been so many countless books written about this war, Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, the Commanding Generals of the US Army and the contracts awarded to big companies yet there seems to be not a lot information of the specifics of how, when, where and actual disbursements were made. Of course, one should expect the Bush administrations response of “for national security” specifics cannot be elaborated but when the pointing fingers is done it’s seems to be down to the penny

As the economic recession worsens, the expects will greatly impact the next generations to come as without knowing they are already in so much trillions of dollars in debt. History will be written in many generations about the War on Terror, Iraq War or the George Bush War on Saddam Hussein. I guess, one of the hardest part of writing books is stating the truths and facts while thinking how people will be psychologically affected on what a writer writes about.
We all know where the money went but the average Joe does not know how it was spent, how much spending on a day, a week, a month (in true facts) but we do know that the money is gone, and we do know that what has happen cannot be undone

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