Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What is the True State of the Economy? No B.S.

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Walking along the tourist downtown area of a big city like San Francisco today is very interesting.
Can't help hearing some tourist saying that they have never seen so many homeless people asking for money? I heard someone say he has never seen so many beggars today. Then, for a while I thought did he include counting me.
The truth is that this is one of the hardest time in people's lives to survive. As an average struggling joe, the truth is that we are sufferring and let's not make illusions that this is just a few people's experiences.
We can make all the cutting in our livelihood, insurances, and expenses but still it is not enough.
As we go through such hardships, let us not forget to hope, pray and continue on. Sometimes, it is hard for the ego to accept that we have to what we have to do like taking odd jobs or ask for help.
But we have to survive, we have to exist and hope that this nightmare passes through.
We commend all the people that support the small business community in these times of crisis. If the big guys are feeling the pain, what is it more to be when you are the small and poor.
The stock market bounce a little high today but the oil and gass prices remains on the same expensive level.
As we acknowledge the truth, we need to be also responsive and supportive that it is the average working middle class and the low income poor that has the most challenges.
Nevertheless, let us continue with life and hope for the best. After all, we are on the land where dreams gets' fulfilled.
God Bless America!

lex Esguerra

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