Sunday, September 07, 2008

Is the Economy Getting Better in America at all?

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25% of the emails we normally received on a daily basis from our readers seem to be on the same subject yesterday.

This week was nothing but different when we first blog about the increasing number of unemployed in the country today.
It is really amazing as normally when September comes back and kids go back to school, life seems to be starting again in shopping malls. However, today we spend the whole day going to several shopping malls but traffic was indeed slow than the usual September traffic we have seen since 9/11.
Yes, some people needed a spot to cool down and read a book but the typical shopping rush are no longer there.
Entertainment seem to be busy as people wanted to eat, drink or be merry for a while to take their minds out of the agony of thinking of problems.
Groceries had lines but not not with shopping carts but people with few items even handcarried or on self served counters.
Hence, what does this all mean?
It's kinda annoying to keep hearing the stories being repeated on where's the money or we did not have much?
Still, our role to be optimistic and tell our readers that it is going to be ok.
Just think, that we just have to think of the positive outlook and things will improve in due time.
However, it will be a shame if we did not admit that majority of the people are feeling the crunch of the bad economy in North America.
All we can do is "HOPE".

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