Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Demise of America, From Superpower to Powerless Economy

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Since the turn of the 19th century, immigrants from different parts of the world had turn to America as one of the greatest and wealthiest nation on Earth. Poverty stricken from third world and developing countries, the United States presented itself as a land where dreams come true and that one can prosper by working hard.

From the industrial to the technological ages, immigrants risk so much of what they have left just to come to America. From attracting the best of the best skilled labor, professionals, artist and entrepreneurs, it has been said that America brings so much hope that life will go on.

Enter the summer of 2007, it all started from a housing crisis where foreclosures were climbing in outnumbered quantities. This was followed by a weak US dollar where investors confidence seem to question what happens to the $1M US dollars spent of the Iraq war since 9/11. At first, the US government simply stated that this was a correction that happens once in three-five years so that economic prosperity can be achieved.

In Wall Street, stocks were starting to decline but financial institutions kept on saying that this was just a normal course of the American Economy. The media centered on the upcoming Presidential elections focusing on the presidential candidates for the democratic and republican parties. Right in the middle was Pres. George W. Bush had the worst approval rating of any sitting US President since the Watergate scandal of Richard Nixon.

The focus was more on the Paparazzi chasing Britney Spears, the American Idol and the newly installed majority ruling of the a democratic controlled US House of Representative. Some economists and online bloggers were already apprehensive of an impending American depression and recession but politics came in first that this was not so.

As the events start to unfold, consumer spending became frail, gasoline prices started climbing, the foreclosures started to rising with unemployment showing signs of an impending crisis.

Small business owners always are the first to feel the challenges but big companies seem to create more advertising that the economy is sound and everything is normal. All of a second, credit card interest and finance charges are climbing while being frenzied that the inflation has something to do with what the political climate is going through.

The presidential primaries came; one by one the fore-runners of both political parties start to unfold. By June 2008, Hillary Clinton suspended her presidential campaign and conceded to Sen. Barack Obama. Meantime, the gloomy economic picture has gradually shifted from bad to worst and the White House still would not admit that America is in recession. Only until Sept. 2008 when a Federal bail out had to be presented in the US House of Congress for $710 B to alleviate the crisis did Pres. Bush admitted that there was a problem.
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The truth about doing business today - Money, People or Conscience, which comes first?

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With the challenges in today's economic hard times businesses either big, small or micro enterprises are facing the hard times they never had in decades.

The truth is really to face today as what really has happened when every business wants to salvage their dreams, their employees, their ideals and survival. If big institutions like Lehman Brothers are on the brink of collapse, what can more small independent small business be like.

For the $10 sale if someone is lucky for today's sale, it we not been enough for the huge bank overdfraft fees, and non-sufficienr charges that the banks and lenders will have to imposed to these entrepreneurs having the $10 sale of the day.

Yet, the above subject matters can be lenthily discussed and argue but I would like to deviate on the impact on the employee morale, insecurities, and customer disatisfaction from long time patriontic customers.

Lately, indiustries like hospitality has had really big challenges on brands being franchise. Consistently in service, brand and guest experiences

Franchised Full service hotel brands have to cut or lay of high and middle level managers and have their family fill in this positions. The service standards comes a bit shaken as there are missing parts of the sturcture. The importance of not having a Human Resurces Dept. team and strategies makes the systems more vulnerable to a lot of issues.

Turn over, training, personal interest, and who has the clout is now affected by almost a family owned entreprise. It would have not been bad if it was a growing company but not a company with a full service known brand.

I guess the bottom line question is "Can full service hotel properties" be operated like a family owned economy lodging to save on cost but at the same tiem deliver the same standards and service expected by the guests who patronize the reknowned brand.

Another is also affects not just the kind of guests we attract but also the employees that we are trying to hire to work for us while helping us promote and market the business as they feel great on being a part of the team.

I guess, enterpreneuers have different goals. Some are pro-money whatever it takes, some are money and taking caring of the guests but not too emplyee focus, and yet some are money, employees and guest focus.

A lot of people say that only big companies who have the financial resources can do the great balance of the money, employees and customers. But I guess, no mater if we are selling hotdogs on the streets, a newspaper venedor or a small cafe, it still starts from the entrepreneur on why did he/she went into business.

Personally, I would rather do the right things and fail or closed shop but at least have that feeling that I did my best to be fair. Than, be holding the world of greed, lying down with so much money but still on the back of our mind have some kind of myth of conscience or karma.

So if you are an entrepreneur, which do you want to become?

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Is the Economy Getting Better in America at all?

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25% of the emails we normally received on a daily basis from our readers seem to be on the same subject yesterday.

This week was nothing but different when we first blog about the increasing number of unemployed in the country today.
It is really amazing as normally when September comes back and kids go back to school, life seems to be starting again in shopping malls. However, today we spend the whole day going to several shopping malls but traffic was indeed slow than the usual September traffic we have seen since 9/11.
Yes, some people needed a spot to cool down and read a book but the typical shopping rush are no longer there.
Entertainment seem to be busy as people wanted to eat, drink or be merry for a while to take their minds out of the agony of thinking of problems.
Groceries had lines but not not with shopping carts but people with few items even handcarried or on self served counters.
Hence, what does this all mean?
It's kinda annoying to keep hearing the stories being repeated on where's the money or we did not have much?
Still, our role to be optimistic and tell our readers that it is going to be ok.
Just think, that we just have to think of the positive outlook and things will improve in due time.
However, it will be a shame if we did not admit that majority of the people are feeling the crunch of the bad economy in North America.
All we can do is "HOPE".

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What is the True State of the Economy? No B.S.

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Walking along the tourist downtown area of a big city like San Francisco today is very interesting.
Can't help hearing some tourist saying that they have never seen so many homeless people asking for money? I heard someone say he has never seen so many beggars today. Then, for a while I thought did he include counting me.
The truth is that this is one of the hardest time in people's lives to survive. As an average struggling joe, the truth is that we are sufferring and let's not make illusions that this is just a few people's experiences.
We can make all the cutting in our livelihood, insurances, and expenses but still it is not enough.
As we go through such hardships, let us not forget to hope, pray and continue on. Sometimes, it is hard for the ego to accept that we have to what we have to do like taking odd jobs or ask for help.
But we have to survive, we have to exist and hope that this nightmare passes through.
We commend all the people that support the small business community in these times of crisis. If the big guys are feeling the pain, what is it more to be when you are the small and poor.
The stock market bounce a little high today but the oil and gass prices remains on the same expensive level.
As we acknowledge the truth, we need to be also responsive and supportive that it is the average working middle class and the low income poor that has the most challenges.
Nevertheless, let us continue with life and hope for the best. After all, we are on the land where dreams gets' fulfilled.
God Bless America!

lex Esguerra

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