Friday, June 27, 2008

A trbute to the Most Shrewed Strategist - William Henry Gates of

October 28, 1955 saw a new era in the world of the digital age and world of philanthropy at it's best. A person who sometimes did a lot of things outside legal and compliance issues was born and name William "Bill" Gates. Since the 80's I have personally followed the story of one of the greatest entrepreneurs in America's economic history.

A chief strategist, nostalgic philosopher and a person who gets what he wants at all cost such as Bill Gates is one of the greatest idols I had since I have started as an entrepreneur in the world of business.

I salute the compassion that the Melinda and Gates Foundation had done to the betterment of the human race. As such, I have also devoted my future service when I retire someday to the very ideals started by this foundation.

A great leader knows that the only way of leaving love and legacy is using the power of succession. When we create a company that we have shed blood and sweat yet we educate, train and in the end share it with the employees who had truly helped us through the years is one of the greatest acts of compassion that every business leader should understand.

Because when we know how to give, how to share and eventually release ourselves from the very child we have created which is our business then this is the greatest gift the we ever give intangible, priceless and will be in the books of history for ages to come.

Thus, is why I salute one of the greatest compassionate strategic digital leaders of this lifetime. This is today, the future is still open and I have always said it is now up to our youth and emerging business leaders to follow the lead of the real entrepreneur within.

May God Bless a great genius of this lifetime. A salute to one of my most admired idols in this lifetime, William Henry Bill Gates.

Long live entrepreneurship, Philanthropy and Visions shall transform the dreams.......

Alex Esguerra
Former APEC Youth Representative
Co-Founder - APEC Young Entrepreneur's Association
Founder - ADLE International

Monday, June 23, 2008

Cody's, landmark Berkeley bookstore, closes

Since the 1980's, we have been educating people how businesses are built. They are built and founded by their owners so when they die the structure and organization does not die with it. Sustainability is the abiity to empower a management team and the employees. Only then will a business survive. It does not matter if someone buys it will a lot of $.Hence, is why I always get the question why I am not afraid to lose everything. My philosphy is that I control "Money". It has not power over me. But I invest greatly in human capital as only then will the perceivd value to shareholders can really be shown with great accountability. Sometimes, we get too materially engrossed on the getting materially rich, famous and to be someone. Humility, has a cost but it has a greater price.Hence, it will take ages to figure out how many equity and assets one really has if their first priority is their honor, their beliefs, their ethics and their values.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Politics of Change and Evolution in America

Politics, Change and Evolution still plays an integral role in America's social climate.

As Hillary Clinton today suspended her historic campaign for Presidency of the United States, party unity was the lesson on the democratic front.

A week ago, while meeting some advertising executives for political blogging, I was told that they have never known a political blogger like me who does not want to generate a lot of money for my blogs.

I then replied to state that I am a democrat by heart but I am more an entrpreneur than a political activists. In life, there are times one has to take sides for their ideals. The beauty of politics is that it is a virtue of expression. When we sail to the ocean we don't really know if what the weather is like on the other end. But when we get to the middle and a storm comes we have to be creative enough with determination and extreme accuracy of what we are going to do and act faithfully.

America, has been called land of the free. This is why I love such ideals. I don't believe in "maybe" or in "between". It is either a "yes" or a "no" because only when humanity understands what it takes to take sides for our ideals and beliefs will dreams be achieved.

After all, in religion this is the reason why Jesus had been visited by the so called devil once in a while. But he endured because he knows why he existed and what his true discipleship is all about.

In business, there is always uncertainty but what makes a true entrepreneur is the confidence to fight for his ideals, his passion, his eloquence, his faith and his dreams. It took this long to create the change in the democratic principles of this nation. It is up to our youth now to implement the visions and dreams that has been build.

The woman in pantsuit has spoken and it is up to each and every american democrat to exercise their right. The question lies are we still going to let inequality and lack of freedom of expression dominate the system? Or do we have the courage to be part of history as I am very grateful that I have seen history in my lifetime.

The battle only just began, nobody lost but victory is still a big necessity as now two great men are in the forefront each with such dedication, passion and integrity.

But as far as I am concern, my focus is consistent. It is mentoring our youth to become great business leaders of tomorrow. And as I go through life's challenges, my mission shall always prevail in passionately expressing value through affordability amongst limited income earners, the disabled, the struggling youth, the veterans and most of all the economically disadvantaged sectors of society.

As Hillary ended her statement, "God Bless America". Land of the Free.

Alex Esguerra

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