Friday, May 30, 2008

Why Booklovers buy books from favorite authors

While enjoying the stroll down at Book Expo America, one would be amaze on seeing fellow book lovers cue to line up for an authograph of their favorite authors.

For some, it's a simple joy of having the original signature, a soon to be released book yet for some it is about lifestyle, culture, society, adventure, science, philosophy and community combined.

Like any book enthusiasts, wish we have the chance to meet, hear or merely see some of our admired authors. My hope as always is bring more young people get involved and experience what is it that we are magically attracted to authors.

As an example, I met five (5) of my 50 most admired authors today. It was like a pilgrimage meeting the people you look up to, their passion and what is it about them.

It started hearing from "Amy Goodman", and share the very principles of what democracy is all about today. Yet she Amy starts her new book dedicated to her mother and her hero Dorrie Goodman. This upcoming bestseller "Standing Up" for me is why America is all about and the democratic ideals that our youth shall inherit in the next millenium.

Then the saga continues to John Zogby's " The Way We'll Be" coming on the shelves on summer 2008 from Random House Publishing in New York. From arithmetic to analytics, Mr. Zogby's sensitivity to culture and environment is an institution of learning itself.

As the journey continues, it was an honor to personally meet Jim Hirshfield, who is the model that any upcoming young entrepreneur needs to look up to with his book "Fortune & Freedom". His journey on entrepreneurship is a success formula that aspiring small business young entrepreneurs must seek.

Suddenly, sitting on the a table a very humble "Beverly Kaye" takes the time to authograph a book for me. It was like "I was in heaven" but Ms. Kaye was joking that I said that to all the girls I meet. But then, I told her that only to great Business Books authors like you. Her book "Love' Em or Lose Em" talking about why we need keep good people in our organization when they come into our lives. Through the years, everytime I was asked in my own successes and failures, I would always reply that Businesses are built by people.

It was a long Friday afternoon that suddenly I step into "Sandra Kit" and again had my copy of Celluloid Memories. Here glamor, chemistry and lifestyles sparks.

And so tomorrow shall be another exciting day but hence the question is Why Booklovers buy from from favorite authors?

Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Importance of Business Planning in times of trouble - Sign of the 22nd Century

In the old days, our plans where all in our heads but today it's no longer feasible. While walking down the financial and low income small business retail areas of San Francisco, I can't help but notice why some new businesses which had great products and ideas recently closed shop. I would then kept repeating to myself, if only these businesses had a business plan they would have been still here or at least have a viable exit.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Real Personal Income turns negative

The Bureau of Economic Analysis released the Personal income figures for March 2008 today. Personal income increased $38.8 billion (0.32%). Disposable income increased $29.6 billion (0.28%).

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World War I and II in the Asia Pacific History - NAVOBA, the association for our veterans

Having a father who serve in the US Army during World War II and a grandfather from World War I whose service was not much entered in the family history books makes one wonder through pages of time by collecting general army and military history. This is one of the reason why we are avid supporter of the NAVOBA - National Association of Veteran Entrepreneurs as serves to uplift the preservation of the ideals of true valor of Love of God an Country.

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Pnoy Joins Cory at 61. Remembering The Fight to Democracy of the Aquino's in the Philipines

  Former President of the Philippines Benigno Noynoy Aquino III died Thursday at the age of 61 after being hospitalized in Quezon City, Phil...