Sunday, March 30, 2008

Join us in Pennsylvannia with Hillary

Dear Friend:
We are going to PA to campaign on Hillary's behalf as a Pennsylvania HillStar! If there were ever a time to help with the campaign, it is NOW. Hillary needs our help in PA. Will you join me?
The campaign is asking for volunteers to travel to PA as Pennsylvania HillStars. They need our help every day between now and the primary, April 22. They will assign us a location and we will make our travel and accommodations accordingly. This is the best way we can help Hillary in these remaining days of the primary season. Volunteers are making the difference in this campaign. Let's make history together!
We will be on the phones, canvassing, helping out at the polls and pitching in wherever we can. I hope and your friends will join us.
This is the kind of hands-on, grassroots effort that campaigns are made of! No political experience required - let's do this together!
If you are interested in traveling to PA, please sign up at Questions? Call 703.875.1232

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Why Hillary deserves Texas?

* Hillary Clinton has already delivered for Texas-350,000 children have insurance, 21,000 Texas National Guard troops have access to medical care and our state got $28 million to train more teachers.* After 8 years of President Bush, we need someone who will deliver urgentsolutions to the big economic problems we face by ending our housing crisisand jumpstarting our economy.* Hillary Clinton is the only candidate in this race with a Healthcare planto cover every American.* Hillary Clinton has roots in Texas- she went door to door to registervotes here three decades ago-her heroes Barbara Jordan-taught her courage,Bob Bullock, toughness, Ann Richards-determination.* Talk is Cheap. Hillary Clinton has a proven track record, grit and know-how to solve the toughest problems like the economy and health care-she willtake the Texas can-do spirit to the White House and there is nothing wecannot do.With all the challenges we face, we need a President who is ready to lead onday one. We need Hillary Clinton. She has the passion, strength, andexperience to give this country the new beginning it needs.

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