Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How do you celebrate X'mas during a recession?

How do you celebrate X'mas during a recession?

It's chilly on christmas winter with last minute shoppers trying to buy their last minute presents. Yet, it still sparks the question of how one will survive for tomorrow in a day and age of online technology yet broke and penny pinching each day.

As we celebrate Christmas 2008, there are so many mixed feelings about life nowadays. One common question we hear is what happen? How did we get to this ordeal of hardship? Yet, on another angle we celebrate life on what blessings we have and face the common reality of economic uncertainty.

With barely a month for the 44th President of the United States to be inducted into office facing one of the greatest economic challenges of our era, let us remember that life after all is not just about material wealth, it is something to be cherish and let us asked ourselves why we continue to live day by day.

Each of us have different economic situations right now but generally everyone's finances is tight. But perhaps we have to face the reality and accept this reality that we have to give courage, hope, love and inspiration which is the entire meaning of life.

To all our readers who have constantly followed us online through the years, our loyal customers who have always continued buying our books and products at ADLE International, many thanks and warmest X'mas blessings.

Warmest regards,

Alex Esguerra
Best Selling Author: How do you integrate success in a small business.
CEO, ADLE International

Monday, December 15, 2008

Size 10 Shoe Throwing Incident and Cultural Diversity

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu. As the headlines recently reported about the shoe throwing incident in Iraq to a foreigh leader made a lot of headlines. But nevertheless, we have to understand somehow that people have different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs and up bringing.

As such international incident gave a spotlight yet a concern for the security of the most powerful man in the world, we should also try to understand why people do such things sometimes because of the different adversities they go through and sometimes times are such so tough that we foget the consequences of our actions.

As the global economic recession get's deeper in the light of an incoming administration hopefully we can acknowledge that we have to be more sensitive to the issues at hand. Though, there is a lot of the plate of a new leader, maybe it is a sign of the times that we remember that people have lives, feelings and hopes.

I still need to see more younger generation of young entrepreneurs and leaders with new ideas that should be heard than the typical political experiences. But regardless, how an incident is understood, we still have to respect that a foreign leader still deserves the respect and dignity.

As we age in life we learned from a lot of our mistakes as it is not a perfect world. The reality is how to learn from these mistakes and likewise understand the cultural beliefs and diversity of people.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

FYI, Mr. President Elect - Choose Your People Wisely

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu. FYI, Mr. President Elect - Choose Your People Wisely

It might be overwhelming because of the so much huge expectations before inauguration with the new bailwicks in Washington but as you said at the end of the day you have to take responsibility.

Like the so many of us who were really fighting for change all this time during your campaign yet we know we are going to be be forgotten again when you are finally in power. All we ask is that you remain cautious as you have done so before and at least always stick to the main goal.

The temptations of the politicians will always be there, the power of the rich and powerful and the so called corporate smarts. But just remember, change was about identifying people who are unheard with but has the qualifications because they have been there once and sufferred from the very same capitalism.

I remember in November 1997 during the APEC Economic Leaders Summit then President Bill Clinton was very open to the recommendations of the youth component, women and other minorities. He knew that it has been proven before that only through acknowledging the small laymen and citizens were the basic ingredient of having a surplus to live behind. The Asian Financial crisis was just starting then prior to the Stock market collapse of 1999 but the key for investors was belief in the administration and the chain of command.

The last eight years became the opposite when wrong decisions were made and stuhbornness started.

We are hopeful that you have still the youthful reluctance of becoming really idealistic yet realistic as to why who have won so much respect in all sectors and arena.

So Mr. President Elect yet we may not be even qualified to be in your list on your induction, at least show us the sign that you will remain the same.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Holiday Season - A new Hope with a new President

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu. Christmas 2008 is here finally. A new story begins having elected a new President for Change in America while the Global economy succumbed with fear of job losses, foreclosures and bankruptcies.

As we look forward on what 2009 will bring, let us reflect on a more positive outlook. The elections and campaigning are over. Gone are the Joe the Plumber anecdotes and trickles of terror attacks are on the other side of the world. Come to think of it all of this chaos is simply cause by the disastrous effects of a global recession and poverty.

Although it is good to be current on world events, painting the picture towards hope is a challenge for each and everyone of us. As we survive each day thankful that we are still alive, perhaps a little optimism will help us go through each day.

We might not be heard and even be forgotten by the new Washington politicians waiting to check out their offices in Washington come January 2009. But the fact is we have done our part to elicit change and pave the way for the new direction needed.

As we celebrate a new season of change and joy, let us not forget that having hope is a necessary part of living our lives.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It is done, Change is here to come, God Bless America

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu. It is done, Change is here to come, God Bless America

History has been made with millions of us over the months of fighting for change. As in any political campaign, we know that when it is said and done we are back to being nobodies, powerless, and low income.

However, let us not forget that all of us had done this to make a change. All we can do is give the chance to a younger president hopefully a president for the people. Let us pat each and everyone's back for letting history unfold as the 44th President elect Barack Obama starts a new phase of history in America.

For years, I personally just kept silent as we all know how dirty the world of poltiics is all about. However, suddenly it felt it was so overwhelming anymore and I just felt if I don't say anything even though it will not good for me anyways, I felt and perhaps I a lot of you did then "change" will never come true.

There are two important things that are components in this election, the power of the youth, our future leaders of tomorrow which I have been fighting for personally and the new era of technology in installing this president.

Let us rejoice, be happy and hope with little expectations that our efforts might be forgotten in the crazy world of poltiics. But, we done our part, powerlesss, nobodies, low income just wanting a change in our lives. THE Economy is the number one task right now.

Former APEC Youth Representative, Alex Esguerra

Best Selling Author: How do u integrate success in a small business.....ISBN no. 978-14348-07595

Sunday, October 19, 2008

9 Websites That Help With Everyday Budgeting, does it include "How do unitegrate success in a small business"

Right now, small businesses are the ones the needs the bail outOne silver lining to these tough economic times: a slew of new free online tools and services that help consumers save money and manage it wisely. Whether you're looking to track your credit score, find a better savings rate or finally balance that monthly budget, these nine sites can help:

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Who will bail me out now, sound familiar

The reality is it's easier said than done. What if someone is doing their best, I can help but be amaze that finance wizards are talking about debt consolidation or even bankruptcy, is that a good financial education?

I guess the geniuses needs to add fresh content in their writings so they would advice everything they can create to still have popularity and ratings. However, unless you live like us that are the ones trying to survive, how dare can they understand one's situation.

Was it a reality check that this were the same people saying to people that one should not take out their 401K's and this was just an economy correction and not recession? This very people are also the same now in saying that this is just a recession and not the great depression. When people cannot hardly eat healthy meals daily then for them it is still ok just because they are still ok with there enormous fortunes and cash.

This is reality time and no longer a time for predatory gimmicks as people are starving, anxious and helpless. What such great finance experts and whiz should do is at least admit the reality that every middle and low income class in having a hard time. Do what you can to be responsible to honor and pay our commitments while still on survival mode for ourselves and our families.

Instead, the emphasis should be on our individual physical, emotional and spiritual health. After all if we get sick then we do not have the chance to get by and co-exist. People are angry on what is going on but they are also admittedly recognizing the uncertainty. But the last thing they need to get more croppy ill educated advice from so called experts who are good in enriching their ownselves.

Hello, let us wake up and be more real so that people can get more confident that there is hope.

ADLE International

Friday, October 10, 2008

The solution to the greatest financial crisis, a book - Mavericks, Hockey Moms, Palin crisis, SNL Tina Faye

With the onset of the greatest economic depression disaster since 1931 in America in time for the Presidential elections where Mavericks and Hockey moms were made instant superstar, a book on how to integrate success in a small business might be the way to solve the financial disaster of all times. A book written by a small business owner tested.

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Think this is the end? Write yourself a new beginning - I am really jealous you have a positive balance, I don't

Saw this article in the MSN Money blog: "Not that long ago I had about $130 to my name. I was struggling to balance a handful of part-time jobs with re-entry into college after 30 years away from higher ed.Going back to school terrified me. But my life was already turned upside down: I'd left a long-term marriage and run through most of my savings to support myself"Boy, I am very jealous she has at least a positive balance because as far as I am concerns and perhaps thousands out there or even millions are in "NEGATIVE". What a life this Economic crisis has done to simple lives to get to be "DISASTROUS" lives now!

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Warning: Blog the truth about the american recession and you will block as Spam

Warning: Blog the truth about the american recession and you will block as Spam

Yes, the title is correct, just because we got so much hits and traffic that our blog administrator servers almost crush the last two days talking about the american economic recession had we be been labelled as spammer.

I have been blogging for the last two years about low income, limited income affordability and now suddenly after starting a new blog "What Portfolio are you talking about" been labelled and locked as a spammer. The problem is that "REALITY" is hard to accept but TV is now doing segments on one buck meals.

So, this is the freedom of expression in America as its' best example when we are simply stating the facts. So if you don't wan't to be classified as non-human nowadays, do even blog or say something bad and just keep telling the lies that "everything" is cool and alright.

We had been fighting for "Affordability" for a long time now and stating the facts of capitalism and this is what we get in return. It's hard what to say anymore because when you simply reinvigorate the true scenarios then you get penalize.

As a small online third party independent bookseller a year ago I remember when we were "DING" from a so called "ALLIANCE" of a major internet site just because we don't scratch this major sites so called policies politics? A lot of consumers does not really know that small online third party sellers are actually the ones delivering their orders. What happens is that when they make an order and their credit card is charge, they do not have the slightest idea that the money they just paid does not actually go to the small online seller. It goes to the major site owner who also earns fees and commissions in addition. The small seller get the money maybe a week or two weeks after when the major sites have already used that said credit card charge to finance their operations and stocks "portfolio's".

Through all these years, I always stay silent and just merely keep quiet but this is the time the public should know about the true realities in this industries. Unless, you are buying directly from our website and shopping cart then that is the only time you are actually giving the small seller the money. But guess what, when you complain that you did not not yet receive the order or there is a delay who get's the blame --- the small seller ---who actually had been financing the buying cycle all the time. And on top of these commissions, fees and holding on to the money, there is even a monthly subscription charge we have to pay just to be listed in this major online internet sites.

A lot of small sellers understand that the big guys have to pay employees and do advertising, etc.., but most of us are also doing our own campaigns. We are also paying for these such things and the fact that your reading this blog also signifies that we are doing our part as well.

Someone needs to say something and small sellers like us are just sick and tired of not being able to voice out the realities. Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the online community these are the true realities. So warning, just keep your mouth shut and keep those hands from typing the realities of life!


Monday, October 06, 2008

The Iraq War - Where is the money?

The Iraq War – Where is the money?

On a recent Vice-Presidential debate between Gov. Sarah Palin ® and Sen. Joe Biden (Dem) , Sen. Biden reiterated how six years of spending in Afghanistan equates to only three (3) weeks that the United States spends on the Iraq War. Of course if the United States is spending $1M US Dollars a day in Iraq one would reconcile while the hardest recession in the American Economy was brought about. Of course, there are so many reasons that a leading economists can given but the truth is that an average Joe or soccer mom as Palin said is the one who ultimately suffers.

The debate goes on with the lessons of morality in preserving the democratic ideals of the greatest superpower on earth after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. But knowing the American way of life, was there ever a day that Americans did not complain about things. In fact, was this not a way of getting what people wanted by way of complaining about things. Then now, when poverty sets in as a cost when is complaining about enough in the ideological American way of thinking.

We can perhaps go all over the excuses of why the money run out through Iraq but the truth is Americans did allow such events to unfold. The reality is that it will take years before a complete total troop’s withdrawal is finally made and meantime what happens to the America?

There had been so many countless books written about this war, Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, the Commanding Generals of the US Army and the contracts awarded to big companies yet there seems to be not a lot information of the specifics of how, when, where and actual disbursements were made. Of course, one should expect the Bush administrations response of “for national security” specifics cannot be elaborated but when the pointing fingers is done it’s seems to be down to the penny

As the economic recession worsens, the expects will greatly impact the next generations to come as without knowing they are already in so much trillions of dollars in debt. History will be written in many generations about the War on Terror, Iraq War or the George Bush War on Saddam Hussein. I guess, one of the hardest part of writing books is stating the truths and facts while thinking how people will be psychologically affected on what a writer writes about.
We all know where the money went but the average Joe does not know how it was spent, how much spending on a day, a week, a month (in true facts) but we do know that the money is gone, and we do know that what has happen cannot be undone

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Demise of America, From Superpower to Powerless Economy

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu. The Demise of America, From Superpower to Powerless Economy

Since the turn of the 19th century, immigrants from different parts of the world had turn to America as one of the greatest and wealthiest nation on Earth. Poverty stricken from third world and developing countries, the United States presented itself as a land where dreams come true and that one can prosper by working hard.

From the industrial to the technological ages, immigrants risk so much of what they have left just to come to America. From attracting the best of the best skilled labor, professionals, artist and entrepreneurs, it has been said that America brings so much hope that life will go on.

Enter the summer of 2007, it all started from a housing crisis where foreclosures were climbing in outnumbered quantities. This was followed by a weak US dollar where investors confidence seem to question what happens to the $1M US dollars spent of the Iraq war since 9/11. At first, the US government simply stated that this was a correction that happens once in three-five years so that economic prosperity can be achieved.

In Wall Street, stocks were starting to decline but financial institutions kept on saying that this was just a normal course of the American Economy. The media centered on the upcoming Presidential elections focusing on the presidential candidates for the democratic and republican parties. Right in the middle was Pres. George W. Bush had the worst approval rating of any sitting US President since the Watergate scandal of Richard Nixon.

The focus was more on the Paparazzi chasing Britney Spears, the American Idol and the newly installed majority ruling of the a democratic controlled US House of Representative. Some economists and online bloggers were already apprehensive of an impending American depression and recession but politics came in first that this was not so.

As the events start to unfold, consumer spending became frail, gasoline prices started climbing, the foreclosures started to rising with unemployment showing signs of an impending crisis.

Small business owners always are the first to feel the challenges but big companies seem to create more advertising that the economy is sound and everything is normal. All of a second, credit card interest and finance charges are climbing while being frenzied that the inflation has something to do with what the political climate is going through.

The presidential primaries came; one by one the fore-runners of both political parties start to unfold. By June 2008, Hillary Clinton suspended her presidential campaign and conceded to Sen. Barack Obama. Meantime, the gloomy economic picture has gradually shifted from bad to worst and the White House still would not admit that America is in recession. Only until Sept. 2008 when a Federal bail out had to be presented in the US House of Congress for $710 B to alleviate the crisis did Pres. Bush admitted that there was a problem.
ADLE Internationall

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The truth about doing business today - Money, People or Conscience, which comes first?

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.
With the challenges in today's economic hard times businesses either big, small or micro enterprises are facing the hard times they never had in decades.

The truth is really to face today as what really has happened when every business wants to salvage their dreams, their employees, their ideals and survival. If big institutions like Lehman Brothers are on the brink of collapse, what can more small independent small business be like.

For the $10 sale if someone is lucky for today's sale, it we not been enough for the huge bank overdfraft fees, and non-sufficienr charges that the banks and lenders will have to imposed to these entrepreneurs having the $10 sale of the day.

Yet, the above subject matters can be lenthily discussed and argue but I would like to deviate on the impact on the employee morale, insecurities, and customer disatisfaction from long time patriontic customers.

Lately, indiustries like hospitality has had really big challenges on brands being franchise. Consistently in service, brand and guest experiences

Franchised Full service hotel brands have to cut or lay of high and middle level managers and have their family fill in this positions. The service standards comes a bit shaken as there are missing parts of the sturcture. The importance of not having a Human Resurces Dept. team and strategies makes the systems more vulnerable to a lot of issues.

Turn over, training, personal interest, and who has the clout is now affected by almost a family owned entreprise. It would have not been bad if it was a growing company but not a company with a full service known brand.

I guess the bottom line question is "Can full service hotel properties" be operated like a family owned economy lodging to save on cost but at the same tiem deliver the same standards and service expected by the guests who patronize the reknowned brand.

Another is also affects not just the kind of guests we attract but also the employees that we are trying to hire to work for us while helping us promote and market the business as they feel great on being a part of the team.

I guess, enterpreneuers have different goals. Some are pro-money whatever it takes, some are money and taking caring of the guests but not too emplyee focus, and yet some are money, employees and guest focus.

A lot of people say that only big companies who have the financial resources can do the great balance of the money, employees and customers. But I guess, no mater if we are selling hotdogs on the streets, a newspaper venedor or a small cafe, it still starts from the entrepreneur on why did he/she went into business.

Personally, I would rather do the right things and fail or closed shop but at least have that feeling that I did my best to be fair. Than, be holding the world of greed, lying down with so much money but still on the back of our mind have some kind of myth of conscience or karma.

So if you are an entrepreneur, which do you want to become?

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Is the Economy Getting Better in America at all?

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu. Is the Economy getting getting better at all?

25% of the emails we normally received on a daily basis from our readers seem to be on the same subject yesterday.

This week was nothing but different when we first blog about the increasing number of unemployed in the country today.
It is really amazing as normally when September comes back and kids go back to school, life seems to be starting again in shopping malls. However, today we spend the whole day going to several shopping malls but traffic was indeed slow than the usual September traffic we have seen since 9/11.
Yes, some people needed a spot to cool down and read a book but the typical shopping rush are no longer there.
Entertainment seem to be busy as people wanted to eat, drink or be merry for a while to take their minds out of the agony of thinking of problems.
Groceries had lines but not not with shopping carts but people with few items even handcarried or on self served counters.
Hence, what does this all mean?
It's kinda annoying to keep hearing the stories being repeated on where's the money or we did not have much?
Still, our role to be optimistic and tell our readers that it is going to be ok.
Just think, that we just have to think of the positive outlook and things will improve in due time.
However, it will be a shame if we did not admit that majority of the people are feeling the crunch of the bad economy in North America.
All we can do is "HOPE".

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What is the True State of the Economy? No B.S.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu. What is the true state of the economy? No. B.S. PLEASE!

Walking along the tourist downtown area of a big city like San Francisco today is very interesting.
Can't help hearing some tourist saying that they have never seen so many homeless people asking for money? I heard someone say he has never seen so many beggars today. Then, for a while I thought did he include counting me.
The truth is that this is one of the hardest time in people's lives to survive. As an average struggling joe, the truth is that we are sufferring and let's not make illusions that this is just a few people's experiences.
We can make all the cutting in our livelihood, insurances, and expenses but still it is not enough.
As we go through such hardships, let us not forget to hope, pray and continue on. Sometimes, it is hard for the ego to accept that we have to what we have to do like taking odd jobs or ask for help.
But we have to survive, we have to exist and hope that this nightmare passes through.
We commend all the people that support the small business community in these times of crisis. If the big guys are feeling the pain, what is it more to be when you are the small and poor.
The stock market bounce a little high today but the oil and gass prices remains on the same expensive level.
As we acknowledge the truth, we need to be also responsive and supportive that it is the average working middle class and the low income poor that has the most challenges.
Nevertheless, let us continue with life and hope for the best. After all, we are on the land where dreams gets' fulfilled.
God Bless America!

lex Esguerra

Sunday, August 24, 2008

How do u integrate success in a small businesss BOOK

FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE - SUNDAY, August 23, 2008San Francisco, CA, USA ----- Hot News!Former APEC Young Entrepreneur and Change Advocate of the Democratic Party today release a new book entitled - "HOW DO U INTEGRATE SUCCESS In a small business...

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entrepreneurship and The Future of E-Commerce

The e-commerce platforms has gradually changed through the years.

Entrepreneurship has been regarded as a major player in the development of e-commerce technology. Not a lot of companies today still makes mainframe software for personal computers. This is why investors have to be very watchful on start-ups and new emerging companies as after all this are the entrepreneurs that are open to new possibilities.

Small start-ups tend to be more focus on innovation and dare to take great risks than large companies today. Even when a start-up fails, the entrepreneurs running them learn from the successes and failures that has been done and in the end there is more rapid progress of success.

Today, as an example online search engines are highly targetting the large companies who have the capabilities of paying the bucks in search and placements advertising, Years ago, when someone made an online search they would just go to the first and second pages and forget about the remaining resulting pages.

However, because of the economic trends, the consumer is becoming more sophisticated and it becomes more and more a market-driven decision based economy, a person making an online search is going to several pages and sometimes up to the tenth page in search for the specific target product that relates to their need.

As companies start to believe in mergers, acquisitions and alliances the questions lies are consumers shopping in the new marketplace? The internet and e-commerce technology has affected our daily lives today and the years to come.

I have been personally working on this book for several months because I want it to be perfect when it finally goes to press. I intend this book to be a big bestseller in the long run and part of the proceeds will go to an institution that merely focuses on Entrepreneurship and an institution that had help me achieve my dreams.

Yet the other hard part is hiring very smart, intelligent and logical people especially when you expect only the best and greatest results to be a reality.

Let me reiterate the call for interested investors today. This is such the great time and opportunity of your lifetime. Are you going to let this passed and like this book will be in online discussion forums and communities for the many years to come. Then people will understand what the story was about.

Alex Esguerra

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Google Dance: Waltzing with the Dictators

As a small struggling e-commerce company, Google is one company that we are very grateful to. Not only for the traffic, search engine, adsense but suport as well. As long as we are the dancing the same direction, it can be rest assured that we will be a mighty ally someday when our turn comes. And then they would say, it was all worth it.

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Facebook in Real Life! Take a look. - The Saga of Social Networking!

Yep that's right. Its Facebook in real life. Is it a total disaster or something really helpful? Well take a look and see for yourself.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Memoirs of Former APEC Youth Representative, Alex Esguerra: The Process of Multiplication in Today's Business Environment

Memoirs of Former APEC Youth Representative, Alex Esguerra: The Process of Multiplication in Today's Business Environment


The Process of Multiplication in Today's Business Environment

Years ago in the books business, bookstores were a fad. We can find them in shopping malls, thrift stores, independent bookshops, trade shows, antique shops, supermarkets and even pharmacies or groceries.

Today, one can buy a bestseller, how to, science fiction, business books and the like through book shopping comparison sites, reviews, search engines, bookclubs and of course "online". Greeting cards shops, comics shops, mail order, magazine stands, phone order or even direct sales are some additional channels through which books have been sold by "multiplication".

From major bookstores, mom and pop sellers, online, distributors, mass merchandiser and department stores the book sections are continuously proliferating either way with or without a recession.

In such processes, market conditions are resulted from such scenarios. One area is the customers types and profiles where customers want to buy in different ways and several channels and options. From the traditional way of flea market auctions or even one stop shop online purchasing, buyers are becoming more sophisticated, demanding anf experimental for a particular product or service.

Another area is technology advancement such as web ecommerce shopping carts, cable channels shopping and of course the "Internet". It is a known fact today that if a business does not have a website presence, shoppers might be hesitant, as for them this is just simply multiplying the ways of buying products.

Today, concentration and specialization leads to a better selection, more shopping convenience and great customer service. Customers tend to buy from the large-scale online operations who dominates the market landscape but continues to find the next better deal, wants more time savings, and experiments other ways and websites as seen by the number of purchases they routinely make.

So the question lies, as the internet presents more opportunities for buyers and sellers, more battles will occur as companies big and small will fight over the e-commerce customer? Hence, is multiplication the answer, domination, duplication, intensive advertising, technology, financial resources or is it "out of the box" thinking of the entrepreneurs? The customer has too many options, a sale is not just the transaction, it is part of the relationship.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge..: - by Albert Eistein.

by Alex Esguerra

Friday, August 08, 2008

Why our Privacy is Important in Net Neutrality by taking action!

The Federal Communications Commission has voted to punish Comcast for violating Net Neutrality and blocking your right to do what you want on the Internet. This precedent-setting victory sends a powerful message to phone and cable companies that blocking access to the Internet will not be tolerated from this time forward. Protect Net Neutrality.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The relationship of Information to the Economy

If we look at a product, it has some kind of relationship to it's producer or seller, through the same way it is presented, made or sold. Thus, when we are are on a store either shopping physically or online, we compare and find out more about the products we see by getting more information.

So these days, the mechanics in the buying process or transaction relies greatly in the information exchanges through what we see and observe. The price can be an important part but really is determine between the buyer and seller of the product. Yet even in cases of reselling like used books, the information can be found in the subjects, categories, way of presentation, the quality in the item descriptions, standards, selling practices and expectations.

Hence, one of the most important part is getting informed and the way the information is dessiminated. By understanding what someone buys, pays, the demands are information relevant to our economy to once again make changes and then sell them again.

So as we today experience in the ill effects of a recession, it might not make sense to argue which fault is it that got us to the present economic predicaments. How we get back the industries on track when for example people now are not even using cars because of the high cost of gas and oil so that the investing community get backs the confidence to infused money and investments back to the economy will be the necessary actions.

As we have seen as the prices of gas and oil is going up, our income remains the same and flat, so are our capability becomes less to buy the things we need. We have even became very selective on what we buy as our income cannot meet our needs for goods and services.

The greatest myth about the economic behavior is that "money" is it's language. This language is the information in the goods and services but money must be noted as a mere part of the entire information. Business successes comes from the entrepreneur's ability to perceive wants and needs, and this perception relies on the the entrepreneurs' understanding of people and the environment.

Thus, the greatest part of the economic problem today in the United States is lack of information about people, what their daily lives are, what they are doing, what does the people want, how we can help achieve this need if we even listen, what are the state of their lives are where they live.

By underatanding the difference between an influential society than being affluential, the government and pillars of the industries must able to transform companies into being more informed and intelligient, support the work force and labor unions in coming up with better products that will eliminate emissions and waste, communicate with the employees about product and service quality and new ideas.

Alex Esguerra

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The State of Investing in "America's Recession" today

The United States in once again in a serious reality of recession making stocks tumble, real estate depreciates, housing foreclosures and devaluation of the US dollar, commodities and tangible assets alike.

Such perils were brought about by the long ordeal on the Iraq war, housing and credit crisis together with financial bank failures recently. As the Federal Reserve desperately tries all measures on injecting money into the system while creating inflation, another stimulus package is being debated in the House of Congress. With the onset of these events inter-related with the coming presidential elections, americans are having a difficulty to think that this is just a "normal" trend in the economy

Yet there are sauvy investors who can convert these into buying opportunities for stocks, ETF's and other investments. The trend today is merging towards ETF's which is now the equivalent of mutual funds as years before. Being a bull market, short term bonds are more easliy disposable than long term bonds.

Nevertheless, we should watch the prices of gas frequently and as well as other commodities. Markets unfortunately are very tricky and can be misleading sometimes so the best way is knowing what your are really investing into than just what we think it is or should be.

Should there be a real recovery, gas and oil should stabilize while some commodity prices go up.
The key is remembering the relevance of commodities together with the stock market as it is always the commodities which are the economic indicators than stocks.

Either one is a small or big time investor, it is always wise to ask what is my purpose of investing, how does it affect my life purposes and not what the money purpose is? An intelligent investor knows that when he/she invest, it has something to do with what they want to develop in their lives. Hence it is a question for oneself not a question for the financial planners and stock brokers.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Selling and Making Money Strategies, the Basics

Way back a few years ago, I was a frequent lecturer to a Direct Selling Association.

I have always emphasize the power of "Contacts". Sometimes,we are so engrossed with all the new innovative ways of customer acquisition or getting potential customers.

When I started selling in my youth, I sold to friends, classmates, neighbors, family and teachers. Not only did I know that I can influence most of them to buy, I also knew that they will pay me outright so that I can have the money to buy products again and create the cycle. It was the same people who gave me important word of mouth referrals to the network of people they know.

One member ask me about why not have a product cataloque sheet and or brochure later on when I was already doing retail. My intial reaction was that only until I have the adequate volume of products that I bring to my customers will I think about it. For me cataloques and brochures are promotional materials given to named or pool of distributors. It is intended to be left to the customer so that they can always refer to it when we follow up. It is not some kind of advertising presentation kit that is presented and then we take it back with us to show other people.

Selling with the concept of brand recognition could sometimes be a very selective process. My belief is that we must learn to affiliate with a company or companies that we believe have the products and service with great growing market demands. Because, the more popular a brand is, the consumer is more influenced in buying from them. As a strategy, we need to think about not moonlighting for a competing brand. We have to find the network that best suits our interests and our passions.

In shipping and order fullfillment, we need to be aware of quality control snd customer service. At the same time, even before we ship a product, we need to be very clear on payment and risk tolerance terms. Hence, it is also why we need to remit payments as scheduled to maintain good standing and to establish credibility and reliability. In todays' economic challenges, credit is very hard to find and maintain. So be prepared to incur penalties even towards a commission.

As to links, affiliates and exchanges, we have to set our targets. Create the picture you want and envision to be in a given period. If somewhere along the line, you gauge that targets are not being achieve then it might be wise to cut your affiliation as it will be merely wasting money. Give the benefit of time and doubt but if still it does not seem rewarding to the target goals then perhaps we have to refocus somewhere else.

Last but not least, we have to think about other perks and recognitions to our distributors, partners and customers. It could free consumption, shipping, discount perks, performance incentives and bonuses. More than ever if can be in verbal and written form of "THANK YOU".

Profit from sales of products can be very rewarding yet at the same augment our personal and business budget.


Friday, June 27, 2008

A trbute to the Most Shrewed Strategist - William Henry Gates of Microsoft.com

October 28, 1955 saw a new era in the world of the digital age and world of philanthropy at it's best. A person who sometimes did a lot of things outside legal and compliance issues was born and name William "Bill" Gates. Since the 80's I have personally followed the story of one of the greatest entrepreneurs in America's economic history.

A chief strategist, nostalgic philosopher and a person who gets what he wants at all cost such as Bill Gates is one of the greatest idols I had since I have started as an entrepreneur in the world of business.

I salute the compassion that the Melinda and Gates Foundation had done to the betterment of the human race. As such, I have also devoted my future service when I retire someday to the very ideals started by this foundation.

A great leader knows that the only way of leaving love and legacy is using the power of succession. When we create a company that we have shed blood and sweat yet we educate, train and in the end share it with the employees who had truly helped us through the years is one of the greatest acts of compassion that every business leader should understand.

Because when we know how to give, how to share and eventually release ourselves from the very child we have created which is our business then this is the greatest gift the we ever give intangible, priceless and will be in the books of history for ages to come.

Thus, is why I salute one of the greatest compassionate strategic digital leaders of this lifetime. This is today, the future is still open and I have always said it is now up to our youth and emerging business leaders to follow the lead of the real entrepreneur within.

May God Bless a great genius of this lifetime. A salute to one of my most admired idols in this lifetime, William Henry Bill Gates.

Long live entrepreneurship, Philanthropy and Visions shall transform the dreams.......

Alex Esguerra
Former APEC Youth Representative
Co-Founder - APEC Young Entrepreneur's Association
Founder - ADLE International

Monday, June 23, 2008

Cody's, landmark Berkeley bookstore, closes

Since the 1980's, we have been educating people how businesses are built. They are built and founded by their owners so when they die the structure and organization does not die with it. Sustainability is the abiity to empower a management team and the employees. Only then will a business survive. It does not matter if someone buys it will a lot of $.Hence, is why I always get the question why I am not afraid to lose everything. My philosphy is that I control "Money". It has not power over me. But I invest greatly in human capital as only then will the perceivd value to shareholders can really be shown with great accountability. Sometimes, we get too materially engrossed on the getting materially rich, famous and to be someone. Humility, has a cost but it has a greater price.Hence, it will take ages to figure out how many equity and assets one really has if their first priority is their honor, their beliefs, their ethics and their values.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Politics of Change and Evolution in America

Politics, Change and Evolution still plays an integral role in America's social climate.

As Hillary Clinton today suspended her historic campaign for Presidency of the United States, party unity was the lesson on the democratic front.

A week ago, while meeting some advertising executives for political blogging, I was told that they have never known a political blogger like me who does not want to generate a lot of money for my blogs.

I then replied to state that I am a democrat by heart but I am more an entrpreneur than a political activists. In life, there are times one has to take sides for their ideals. The beauty of politics is that it is a virtue of expression. When we sail to the ocean we don't really know if what the weather is like on the other end. But when we get to the middle and a storm comes we have to be creative enough with determination and extreme accuracy of what we are going to do and act faithfully.

America, has been called land of the free. This is why I love such ideals. I don't believe in "maybe" or in "between". It is either a "yes" or a "no" because only when humanity understands what it takes to take sides for our ideals and beliefs will dreams be achieved.

After all, in religion this is the reason why Jesus had been visited by the so called devil once in a while. But he endured because he knows why he existed and what his true discipleship is all about.

In business, there is always uncertainty but what makes a true entrepreneur is the confidence to fight for his ideals, his passion, his eloquence, his faith and his dreams. It took this long to create the change in the democratic principles of this nation. It is up to our youth now to implement the visions and dreams that has been build.

The woman in pantsuit has spoken and it is up to each and every american democrat to exercise their right. The question lies are we still going to let inequality and lack of freedom of expression dominate the system? Or do we have the courage to be part of history as I am very grateful that I have seen history in my lifetime.

The battle only just began, nobody lost but victory is still a big necessity as now two great men are in the forefront each with such dedication, passion and integrity.

But as far as I am concern, my focus is consistent. It is mentoring our youth to become great business leaders of tomorrow. And as I go through life's challenges, my mission shall always prevail in passionately expressing value through affordability amongst limited income earners, the disabled, the struggling youth, the veterans and most of all the economically disadvantaged sectors of society.

As Hillary ended her statement, "God Bless America". Land of the Free.

Alex Esguerra

Friday, May 30, 2008

Why Booklovers buy books from favorite authors

While enjoying the stroll down at Book Expo America, one would be amaze on seeing fellow book lovers cue to line up for an authograph of their favorite authors.

For some, it's a simple joy of having the original signature, a soon to be released book yet for some it is about lifestyle, culture, society, adventure, science, philosophy and community combined.

Like any book enthusiasts, wish we have the chance to meet, hear or merely see some of our admired authors. My hope as always is bring more young people get involved and experience what is it that we are magically attracted to authors.

As an example, I met five (5) of my 50 most admired authors today. It was like a pilgrimage meeting the people you look up to, their passion and what is it about them.

It started hearing from "Amy Goodman", and share the very principles of what democracy is all about today. Yet she Amy starts her new book dedicated to her mother and her hero Dorrie Goodman. This upcoming bestseller "Standing Up" for me is why America is all about and the democratic ideals that our youth shall inherit in the next millenium.

Then the saga continues to John Zogby's " The Way We'll Be" coming on the shelves on summer 2008 from Random House Publishing in New York. From arithmetic to analytics, Mr. Zogby's sensitivity to culture and environment is an institution of learning itself.

As the journey continues, it was an honor to personally meet Jim Hirshfield, who is the model that any upcoming young entrepreneur needs to look up to with his book "Fortune & Freedom". His journey on entrepreneurship is a success formula that aspiring small business young entrepreneurs must seek.

Suddenly, sitting on the a table a very humble "Beverly Kaye" takes the time to authograph a book for me. It was like "I was in heaven" but Ms. Kaye was joking that I said that to all the girls I meet. But then, I told her that only to great Business Books authors like you. Her book "Love' Em or Lose Em" talking about why we need keep good people in our organization when they come into our lives. Through the years, everytime I was asked in my own successes and failures, I would always reply that Businesses are built by people.

It was a long Friday afternoon that suddenly I step into "Sandra Kit" and again had my copy of Celluloid Memories. Here glamor, chemistry and lifestyles sparks.

And so tomorrow shall be another exciting day but hence the question is Why Booklovers buy from from favorite authors?


Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Importance of Business Planning in times of trouble - Sign of the 22nd Century

In the old days, our plans where all in our heads but today it's no longer feasible. While walking down the financial and low income small business retail areas of San Francisco, I can't help but notice why some new businesses which had great products and ideas recently closed shop. I would then kept repeating to myself, if only these businesses had a business plan they would have been still here or at least have a viable exit.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Real Personal Income turns negative

The Bureau of Economic Analysis released the Personal income figures for March 2008 today. Personal income increased $38.8 billion (0.32%). Disposable income increased $29.6 billion (0.28%).

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World War I and II in the Asia Pacific History - NAVOBA, the association for our veterans

Having a father who serve in the US Army during World War II and a grandfather from World War I whose service was not much entered in the family history books makes one wonder through pages of time by collecting general army and military history. This is one of the reason why we are avid supporter of the NAVOBA - National Association of Veteran Entrepreneurs as serves to uplift the preservation of the ideals of true valor of Love of God an Country.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Online Bookselling State Today - Internet sales hit record �13bn in first quarter - Business

Online Bookselling, the new school of selling books for passion in the UK and Online Bookselling numbers have rose drastically in the last weeks. One of the issues in the bookselling industry that would be tackled on Book Expo America would be why? The industry has to deviate from the old school and integrate new parameters and strategies. I am confident that indepedent booksellers are extremely smart entrepreneurs.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

How Hillary Can Still Win Only If CHANGES ARE DONE!

Political Campaigns are differentiated from political activism by focusing the social impact of the candidate to society.Although, as a solid supporter of Hillary Clinton I believe that she has to fix the strategist that plan ehr campaign especially if she wants the grassroots to support her.The old mechanism of constant bombarding emails, telephone calls and fundraising is where her political rival currently is very good.Politiics yes money yes but these so called campaign wizards of hers think that we are still leaving the 20th century through hypnosis.Today's world is about showing your true color, passion and goal. Only then, will you win the hearts, minds and then the pockets of supporters.Time is clicking but her strategy seems to be not changing. http://www.alexesguerra.comYes, believe it or not, it's still quite possible. This video details the simple steps needed for Hillary to become the next leader of the free world.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Power of Green, Could Action on Climate Really Be Bush Legacy?

A president only becomes great by living a history behind. George Bush might be trying to leave his legacy at this point. Give him a chance yet the question lies is it too late than waltzing his holiness, The Pope.For Teddy Roosevelt it was the creation of our system of National Parks. For Richard Nixon it was the passage of landmark environmental reforms found in the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act. For Bill Clinton it was an eleventh-hour preservation of millions of acres of public lands.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Message to Jerry and the Yahoo Board!

As we all know that Yahoo is currently undergoing enormous stress. Yet, as a small nobody and small shareholder like me, I have great admiration on Yahoo's business model. But as an entrepreneur, we must know "timing" and question is it a time to sell or a time to hold on.

However, as a small home based low income business, we can save time with overhead, cutting costs and labor but let us not forget that ultimately our customers are our lifeblood. During the past years I have have stayed afloat I have learn to be frugal but you can only be frugal until such extent. Our employees are customers should not sufferis what we are all about anyways.

First, and foremost is we need to believe and take care of ourself and the business. Unfortunately, when a business becomes public there are investors will and a business climate to suffice. So my advice, is for us to cut our losses and sell at the best bargain.

However, our culture is still preserved and we will endure these together. As we shall be one together.
This is what i have done with one of the business models we have in ADLE International. And guess what, our unique page visitors today at: Affordable Books On Line
has been great! Yesterday alone, our servers went down twice because of the heavy volume of traffic we have received. Today, we have even launched new domains such as:

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Join us in Pennsylvannia with Hillary

Dear Friend:
We are going to PA to campaign on Hillary's behalf as a Pennsylvania HillStar! If there were ever a time to help with the campaign, it is NOW. Hillary needs our help in PA. Will you join me?
The campaign is asking for volunteers to travel to PA as Pennsylvania HillStars. They need our help every day between now and the primary, April 22. They will assign us a location and we will make our travel and accommodations accordingly. This is the best way we can help Hillary in these remaining days of the primary season. Volunteers are making the difference in this campaign. Let's make history together!
We will be on the phones, canvassing, helping out at the polls and pitching in wherever we can. I hope and your friends will join us.
This is the kind of hands-on, grassroots effort that campaigns are made of! No political experience required - let's do this together!
If you are interested in traveling to PA, please sign up at www.hillaryclinton.com/voltravel. Questions? Call 703.875.1232

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Why Hillary deserves Texas?

* Hillary Clinton has already delivered for Texas-350,000 children have insurance, 21,000 Texas National Guard troops have access to medical care and our state got $28 million to train more teachers.* After 8 years of President Bush, we need someone who will deliver urgentsolutions to the big economic problems we face by ending our housing crisisand jumpstarting our economy.* Hillary Clinton is the only candidate in this race with a Healthcare planto cover every American.* Hillary Clinton has roots in Texas- she went door to door to registervotes here three decades ago-her heroes Barbara Jordan-taught her courage,Bob Bullock, toughness, Ann Richards-determination.* Talk is Cheap. Hillary Clinton has a proven track record, grit and know-how to solve the toughest problems like the economy and health care-she willtake the Texas can-do spirit to the White House and there is nothing wecannot do.With all the challenges we face, we need a President who is ready to lead onday one. We need Hillary Clinton. She has the passion, strength, andexperience to give this country the new beginning it needs.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Affordable Books Online.com another milestone at President's Day 2008

www. Affordable – BooksOnline.com
The business idea for Affordable Booksonline.com originates from Former APEC Youth Leader and Young Entrepreneur 1996-98 Alex De Leon Esguerra, founder of ADLE International
Affordable Booksonline.com is dedicated towards mentoring the youth to become future business leaders of tomorrow. From rare and out of print books to business, fiction, non-fiction and textbooks, Affordable books online shall cater towards affordability to those with limited budget and the disabled.
The bookselling industry business has been focused on members of the ABAA, ABA (American Booksellers Association), Independent Sellers Brick and Mortar Retailers like Biblio.com and a lot of third party market and so called penny sellers, e.g. Amazon.com, half.com without respect to a books’ true value on affordability and educating readers.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Save Net Neutrality, copy of letter to Rep. Wu, Portland, OR

I am writing today to urge you to co-sponsor the Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2008 (HR 5353). This important, bipartisan legislation protects the free-flowing Internet from blocking, censorship and discrimination by powerful phone and cable companies.
Tens of millions of Americans rely upon an open Internet in their daily lives. Our elected leaders must protect our basic right to communicate from those who want to take it from us. The legislation calls for a nationwide series of public hearings about what the future of the Internet should look like a an important step to bring these crucial issues into the light of day.
Please help in this effort by joining Reps. Markey and Pickering in support of the bipartisan Internet Freedom Preservation Act. Thank you.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Yahoo Finance Announces New - TECH TICKER

Friday, February 08, 2008

The San Francisco Antiquarian Book Fair - A Way to Connect Internationally

While finalizing details to revived our Rare Books site, an antiquarian friend reminded me that tomorrow is the opening of the SAN FRANCISCO Book Fair for Antiquarian books at the San Francisco Concourse.

This year, they will have about 200 exhibitors locally and internationally. First Editions, rare manuscripts and rare books are somewhat the equivalent of Rare Art for the Bookselling industry. It takes a lot of ethics, professionalism and honesty to be in this group.

They are open from 10 AM - 7 pm and then on Sunday from 10 AM - 5 pm.
Admission is about $10.00 but with return privileges.

So if you are book enthusiasts at heart, come visit the show and experience the once in a lifetime
rare books worlds.

Books are a way for people to connect as well from different facets of SOCIETY.

Good luck to the world of rare books exhibitors.

ADLE International

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Political Grassroots Campaigning At It's Best

Feb. 05, 2008 should be a day in history. Notwithstanding Black Month History, I think these primaries might have the greatest numbers of young voters ever in American History.

The US ECONOMY is now finally accepting the facts of recession. Yet, politics is at it's best as if it was show business' over and over advertising.

The day starts with suprisingly lines of people depositing money at a local bank. Yet, on a bus saw someone on a corner with placard saying Vote for "___________"

The phone rings as it was Stevie Wonder calling to endorse Obama. Then the streets of Mission District suddenly saw one to two cars blowing their horns with an Obama for president placard.

For a change, open the TV and it was news about John McCain having a sweep republican victory.

Finally, saw HILLARY back in New York voting together with Bill when a canvasser had to verify that she was indeed a Democrat.

Never again, will America Go to a war on terror, have an oil warlord and be in such financial shame.

Americans come next year will see a new Democratic President sits on the White House. Hopefully, it course it be http://www.hillaryclinton.com/

America needs a change "yes" yet it needs a real expert to fixed so much mess and credit woes it is in today! And yes, this is Grassroots Campaigning at it's best.

The lesson is fixed ourselves before we mingle with others mess and issues. Read more on my wordpress blogs at: www.wordpress.com/adleinternational

ADLE International

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bill Clinton, Diane and Gavin in full force today for Hillary

The Democrats were in full force today roaming Churches in California.
Bill Clinton was seen in Southern California. I watched Sen. Diane Feinstein (D) today at the 9:00 AM service the Glide United Methodist Church.
Mayor Gavin Newsom was the Phone banking center of Hillary's HQ today as well.
And yes, again and again, I don't get paid for advertising space here.
This is just a wayof showing support for Hillary win or not.
Hope people exercise their rights as there is only a few hours left for Super Tuesday.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

700,000 Asians for Hillary and no Obama

My question is that it has been publicized that Hillary got the endorsement of the 700,00 strong Asians in the USA for signing the paper fighting for the rights of Asian Americans?

Yet, as an mixed racial Asian living in America, I am not aware of such issues signed by Hillary. And most importantly I am known to be a Hillary Clinton supporter without such politicking.

So my dear fellow Asian, we cannot say we would remain neutral if only Obama would only sign like Hillary.

I believe such thing is hypocrisy. The question here is who do we really believe in and support.

Our culture comes from family and belief of the positive. If we think a candidate is the best to run the country, we don't need some re-assurance. So, in which case I don't blame Obama either for not signing.

Yet it does not mean, that I will be deviating from my belief in Hillary Clinton, win or lose.

This is what we should focus. i simply believe that limited income and disabled like me struggling have more hope through a lady president.

After all, it is values not politics.

How about you?

Alex Esguerra
ADLE International

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It always takes a Heath Ledger to be understood on Loss and Depression

From Marilyn Monroe, River Phoenix to Anna Nicole Smith and now actor Heath Ledger's death has to serve as model on how someone's loss and depression to be talked about and given some attention.

It doesn't take a pathologist or histologist to go over toxicology reports' to rule out that such death's are not intentional. Neither does one's feeling of loss and depression can only be felt by the same very people who are experiencing it too.

When we tell the signs of our loss and depression through our actions but people are simply too uncaring or simply be ignored.

When you see the character of Heath, people would think he is strong, prominent and confident. Only then if you are real close and personal to the person will one understand his passion, his love, his challenges, yet his emptinesss, fear, loss and anger. After all, depression is all about our inner anger about the trauma that one has been through.

I hope that this tragic loss will once again reinforced about being misunderstood on one's asymptomatic disability.

May Heath Ledger rest in peace and may he find the peace and solice that due him all this time.

ADLE International

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Asymptomatic Disability and Hillary Clinton

As many know, I am a die hard supporter of http://www.hillaryclinton.com/ to become president.

Through here, I would like to educate people of what "Asymptomatic Illness and Disability" means.

Many people sometimes look at people from their outside appearance.
A lot of us who look to be in good health from the outside are sometimes suffering from very serious chronic and terminal illness.
Such illnesses can be Cancer, HIV, AIDS, Leukemia just to name a few. The hardest part of the illness sometimes affects the emotional and mental repercussions that prescriptions drugs do and some are effects of the disease itself. Such emotional state might be anxiety, depression, bi-polar or even Britney Spears syndrome.
So I suggest before we prejudged someone by their physical look when they say the are asymptomatically disabled, I suggest we think twice.
The Universal Health Care system in America is broken. The only person that is highly intellectual enough to understand this is my ally, Hillary Clinton.
And yes, this is why you don't see me physically rally with Hillary because of having to suffer asymptomatic disability.

Alex Esguerra

Monday, January 14, 2008

Civil Rights of People with Disabilities

Civil Rights of People with Disabilities

In the last few weeks, I had been ill and I apologize for my readers fot not being able to post online.

I am thankful to some friends for taking care of me and for even posting this. I am aware of the importance of staying in touch but as some of you have known not when I am extremely sick will I not have the determination to touch base.

I wrote this post on paper and someone had to help me post it online. I am touched with the reminder of Martin Luther King when I was brought to church yesterday. It was also a eventful Sunday having Chelsea Clinton as our visitor in Glide United Methodist Church.

Glide has been a personal refuge to me even when I first move to San Francisco for daily meals.

Not all people online have all the material wealth that life has to offer. But then again, on the internet, I on the thinking that everyone is the same rich, poor and even disabled.

Sometimes, it tiring when one receives so much harrassment over money and credit issues especially on the state of the economy today.

But there are resources that a disbled person can tap as we do have civil rights.

I have found this out recently and one would be amaze how people violate the civil rights of people with disabilities.

I can't really do much writing being currently frail. But, I thought I touched base to my readers.

Don't let people exploit the circumstances of illness and disability.

Alex Esguerra

Pnoy Joins Cory at 61. Remembering The Fight to Democracy of the Aquino's in the Philipines

  Former President of the Philippines Benigno Noynoy Aquino III died Thursday at the age of 61 after being hospitalized in Quezon City, Phil...