Sunday, November 25, 2007

Town Sold in Texas for 3.8 Million on Ebay

Someone in Italy placed the winning bid of $3.8 million on Friday for a one-house Texas town auctioned online.

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ADLE Int'l finally goes back to the original idea on smallbusinessmentors

ADLE International is now trying the cheapest trial beta version of developing it's own branded on line store Ala For years, the ADLE brand multiplied through partnership with big on line store sites like Amazon, EBay, Yahoo and Google. For 2008, ADLE plans to launch and re-multiply more on line retail Internet sites.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

10% Off, Free Shipping, Fast Delivery What Else?

Watch TV and all you see are all these ads about tomorrow's advertising pitches for 10, 20, 50% Off, Free Shipping, We Pay the Sales Tax, WHAT ELSE?

You know it only means people are not really going to the malls, well at all, And when they do, they stroll a lot ala window shop. True or Not?

Anyways, analyst thinks it because everyone searches everything for the best deals first. Where else of course to start and end the search - ONLINE!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Secured Online Shopping for After Thanksgiving - Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Tips to Safely Shop Online for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

1. Make sure that when you are about to enter your credit card information that the web URl address changes from http to "https". Having an "s" after the http means it is a secured website.
2. Look for the Safety Lock, Verisign, or Key clipart on the right lower side of the web site. For the a website to be registered with Verisign, etc.., they have to go through a lot of authentication processes for their business.
3. Does the website have a main corporate or physical address? For all you know, someone might me in the other end of the world just waiting to hack your credit card info.
4. Do they have a customer service email and telephone no. where you can call to follow-up?
5. Look for an About Us or Contact Page to make sure they do exist.

Good luck. From all of us at ADLE, Happy Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Today is Nov. 16, Black Friday weekend - 6 days before Thanksgiving!

Payday Friday yet Black Friday weekend before Thanksgiving.

Today is the last day to get the super deals out there for your christmas shopping.

As expected, right after Thanksgiving you'll see the prices go up due to the coming Christmas. It is just the way it is through the years.

I believe that as information dessiminators, we have a obligation to remind people to get the super deals when you can.

So, good luck!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

China says toys had toxic substance (AP)

China says toys had toxic substance (AP)
By adleinternational

URL: China says toys had toxic substance (AP)

So is it right for moms just to ask a store where the "Toys" are made? Some people say we are generalizing China per se but you know what only if you have a kid will you understand what "Safety and Security" is all about.

It is not about "Made in China". It is about, how safe will my kid be after I have done everything in my power to raise them well anyways.

So much for looking what the ingredients are made of as I simply don't understand these labels anyways. What we care for as a parent is that:

1. Are there warning labels and usage for the toys?

2. Is there a CE logo and or sign of approval by the Products Safety Board and Standards council?

3. Are the pieces well described on how many are contained?

4. Are they made from plastic, wood, recyclelable material which can be toxic?

5. Is this toy or game, Made in the USA, Europe or a manufacturer that I myself as a kid did not make me sick or ill?

Bu then again, whatever it takes I have to buy my gifts, my toys and games for my kids. After we kill ourselves for our family, kids and friends.

Go slow, cautious but still BUY your gifts.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Washington Mutual Bank just fired me because of blogging?

It's hard to say the truth facts about the Empress of Overdraft Fees, Washington Mutual Bank!

This is what you'll end up....HELLO!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Tips for Sales Rookies: Americans expect a recession, did we forget about the DVD - "THE SECRET"

Tips for Sales Rookies: Americans expect a recession, did we forget about the DVD - "THE SECRET"

Chaging one's thoughts can impact the way the power of the universe becomes.

Think Positive and your dreams will be fullfilled.

From the management and staff of ADLE International

Happy Holidays 2007!

Americans expect a recession, did we forget about the DVD - "THE SECRET" touches upon the power of cultivating our thoughts and minds to positve thinking.
As a realists and factual person, it is very hard for me sometimes to hope and believe from what I can analytically tally.
However, all these years of trials, pitfalls, challenges lies survival and miracles. Perhaps, my faith has endured on perhaps it is just basically my personality.
I do know that material things that sorround us on day to day is what makes myself and importance.
Yes, it is true that I am an activists and fighter especially if it is with a cause against greedy monopolies and ursurers.
But, in the end of the day as we meditate our travails we try to ascend to a deeper understanding what makes us tick and why we exists.
So do we really think recession is coming, is already here, is unevitable?
I just want to remind humanity that we might not believe or not about what christmas is about but can we at least believe and agree that money is what makes People.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Shop Now versus Shopping too late and Expecting Delivery Delay

Shop Now versus Shopping too late and Expecting Delivery Delay
by Adle International at 4:29 PM PST, November 8, 2007
Once again, please let me reiterate to consumers that the longer you wait to shop, the more possibilities for items to arrive late and delayed.
Amazon online markeplace sellers are trustworthy and customer satisfaction oriented.
However, please understand that brand new and signature items are coming from manufacturers directly. As such, there is a time frame within placing your orders and having these manufacturers process, packed and ship them.
Customers should also read the item listing comments so that you are accurately inform about descriptions and shipping times.
Another ordeal is tha backlogged with the United States Postal Service. Standard shipping might be longer so Expedited shipping if available should be the right choice. Even then, we don't know when everyone try to rush after Veterans Day and before Thanksgiving.
Please, please SHOP NOW to avoid delays and after all this is why it is called the Season of Giving.
Happy Shopping Holidays,

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